The introduction of remote recruitment from the beginning brings candidates to the virtual world. The information about the job offer or the company is there. The company’s online activity becomes the business card of the organization, and efficient online operations are even more encouraged to apply for particular job positions.

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  1. Online employer brand – the company’s online activities
  2. How does the company’s online activity influence remote recruitment?

Online employer brand – the company’s online activities

Currently, the internet has become one of the most valuable sources of information. Each day thousands of people without greater effort can check the company, vetting the information about its online activity, social commitment, or issues by other opinions. At the same time, what is most valued in the job market is transparency. The candidates, before deciding to finally submit or start a new job, want to know as much as possible about the company, while the technologies developed today make everything much easier to measure and check.

A strong brand of the employer positively influences the perception of the organization, while the connection of the virtual world with the real one compels the companies to take care of the good name, online as well. Building awareness of the brand facilitates the creation of an engaged community related to the company. This way the recognizability of the brand is reinforced and attracts new employees.

Current society uses the internet at almost every moment of life. The increasing popularity of different types of social media means sometimes that not having such accounts is unequivocal with social isolation. Similarly, the situation is related to brands. Social media are the connection between the brands, clients, and candidates for posts. With the recognition of the potential resulting from the contact with millions of people, the company can significantly expand its reach, and it can be done almost without cost.

The main aim of every organization is the best presentation of itself and undertaking activities, while the internet gives them a chance to introduce new solutions, to inform the world about those activities. Online brand building is based on a variety of marketing activities run on the internet. Those activities don’t have to take the form of complicated, lengthy campaigns. It is sufficient sometimes to create several posts or issue an account on the website that shows how the company functions from the inside. This way the brand becomes closer to the potential employees who, even before going to the interview, can do preliminary research about potential duties, the structure of the work itself, or even the typical atmosphere.

company's online activity

How does the company’s online activity influence remote recruitment?

The company’s online activity influence its overall image. Depending on the direction in which we are going to develop our online branding, it can positively or negatively affect the perception of the brand.

The presence of the organization also in the virtual world comes in handy in many areas, including remote recruitment. The process is based on the usage of the internet and the newest technologies. Even finding the advert with the job offer is made online. The very first meeting with the brand is on the internet and most of the candidates don’t want the next steps to change this communicative channel.

The most natural consequence of reading an interesting job offer is gaining as much information as possible about the recruiting company. The power of the internet comes in handy, it enables you to search for really interesting facts. That is why it is so important to take care of building an online image.

All the information that candidates come across online can affect the form of further cooperation. A positive image based on high activity in social media or other digital channels strengthens the credibility of a given brand. As a result, a potential employee is even more interested in a job offer from such a place, and the company itself is often identified as more prestigious.

On the other hand, the real threat to the organization’s good name and the success of the remote recruitment process is any negative feedback about the company or information revealing unfavorable aspects of its operation. There is a high risk that a bad reputation will scare away candidates regardless of the perks highlighted even in the best-worded job advertisement.

The development of technology and the moving of many processes to the virtual world have undoubtedly improved the functioning of companies and allowed them to reach an even wider audience. However, brands must not forget that such a rapid flow of information also involves bad information, which can ruin an image.

Carefully planned online branding has become one of the most effective marketing strategies today, which at the same time does not require much money. Positive effects can also be seen in the remote recruitment process. A recognizable brand on the Internet attracts the most talented candidates, who, starting the whole process online, easily search for information about the future employer.

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