This seemingly simple question is a real challenge for the human resources department of any company. For the recruitment process to achieve the desired results, the optimal employee has to fit with the scope of future responsibilities. That is why the source of people applying for a new job should include several desirable characteristics. In today’s publication, you will get acquainted with 5 proven suggestions where to look for candidates!

Where to look for candidates? – table of contents:

  1. Where to look for candidates? The right direction
  2. Networking
  3. Referrals
  4. Job portals
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Social media
  7. Summary
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Where to look for candidates? The right direction

The basic feature of effective recruitment is visibility to potential aspirants, so it is advisable to start the whole procedure with their identification. The future of the workforce is Generation Y, which will soon be worth 3/4 of the global professional market.

Such findings determine the form, shape and methods of communication and, consequently, the platform for attracting new experts. The millennial generation is distinguished by excellent adaptation to technological changes, which should be used when designing an attractive offer.

Research shows that mobile-friendly recruitment increases the number of applications by over 11%! That’s not all, though, as a simple and concise form adds another 2.3% to the effectiveness of the whole thing. This means that it is a valid strategy to use mobile and tablet-accessible solutions, but there are some exceptions!

Where to look for candidates?


Industry and business meetings are an exceptional form of acquiring contacts during a real conversation. A huge advantage of such meetings is the direct contact with a possible employee, as well as the orientation on a specific business sector, which increases the probability of finding the right person.

Such a situation is also important in the context of HR representatives. This way, specialists in the administration of human capital get the opportunity to meet other delegates of the department, who may have information about the expected candidate.


This is a very powerful tool for sourcing needed employees. The fundamental advantage of referrals is the opportunity to get feedback and comments from the previous company and to confirm the qualifications of the candidate.

Job portals

According to the Jobvite Recruiter Nation Report 2016, 28% of recruiters use just this type of websites as their primary instrument for finding employees. The effectiveness of the technique is confirmed by the fact that sites offering new career opportunities are a natural choice among candidates.

This style fits perfectly with the mobile nature of applying, as the user experience is simple, intuitive and seamless. A consequence of the strengths of the sites is the considerable popularity and number of applications sent, which forces a thorough selection process.

To guarantee the best results, remember to include a very specific range of requirements, expectations, experience and skills. It is also practical to add a specially designed questionnaire or a verification test, which will further skim the pool of applicants leaving the most suitable ones.


The statistics on this site best answer the question of where to look for candidates. LinkedIn is a portal that brings together more than 600 million entrepreneurs, employees, employers and people who are looking for a current career path.

Let’s note that the LinkedIn community includes 87 million representatives of generation Y, which is particularly important in the context of the future distribution of forces on the labor market. How to use this platform to your advantage?

The platform enables you to discover candidates based on the keywords they use, allowing you to narrow down your search to a specific location, industry, education level, or experience. Direct contact with the candidate strengthens the relationship and reinforces their engagement throughout the hiring process. LinkedIn has also introduced a special profile overlay that communicates a candidate’s desire for future career challenges and preferences and priorities.

Social media

Mass media has become an innovative but highly productive model for hiring and job postings. According to Aberdeen Group research, Facebook is the key platform for this type of recruitment activity.

This state of reality fits flawlessly with a report published by Jobvite. The most popular place to look for new professional challenges is the bed! The restaurant and the communication space also rank high, indicating that mobile devices and social media activity provide perfect conditions for recruiting.

The Society for Human Resource Management calculates that 84% of organizations use the potential of social media for the ambition of attracting a new workforce. There are considerable benefits that social media bring for the HR department. The CareerBuilder portal indicates that 70% of sent applications were rejected due to negative information found on candidates’ profiles. Such a strategy allows saving time and huge costs of hiring the wrong employee.


There are several proven ways where to look for candidates. Each option presents distinct characteristics and functionality, but a professional human resources procedure will lead to signing beneficial and long-lasting cooperation.

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