What qualities should a person who is considering a career as a great recruiter have? Read the article and see if this is the career for you!

How to be a great recruiter?

First of all, it should be noted that this is not a job for everyone. Unfortunately, many people choose to become great recruiters because they think it is easy and not demanding. Nothing could be further from the truth – this profession combines marketing, PR, and analytics and requires a lot of skills, experience, and continuous development. Recruiters are responsible for hiring managers and executives – which can have a direct impact on the company’s bottom line and market position. Great recruiters also face numerous challenges, such as the automation of many processes, digitalization, remote recruiting, and evolving candidate demands – both financial and developmental.


There are no specific educational requirements to become a recruiter, although a degree in psychology, sociology, human resources, management, or administration may be helpful at the start of a career. A basic knowledge of employment law can be also useful.

Industry knowledge

Recruiters should have technical knowledge and be familiar with the industry in which they are recruiting. They are not specialists in a particular field, but they know what position they are recruiting for, what the job is like, and what the day-to-day responsibilities are. They are also familiar with the industry terminology.

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Interpersonal skills

Recruiters have strong interpersonal skills like openness, empathy, and the ability to build relationships. Their work is a constant conversation, so they should like to contact and talk to people. They should lead the conversation during the recruitment process and formulate the right questions. In the case of reserved candidates, they should be able to “break the ice” and encourage them to be more active. They should also be good listeners – know and use active listening techniques, which will help to avoid communication mistakes.


During the recruitment process itself, recruiters should be curious about candidates and learn as much as possible about them. They should also be available to the candidate throughout the recruitment process. They must be open to questions from candidates and be helpful. Great recruiters return phone calls and emails as soon as possible, and if they are on vacation or sick leave, make sure to set up automatic messages to let candidates know when they will be back.

Work under pressure

A lot is going on in the recruiter’s life. There are often several recruitment processes going on at the same time, so the ability to work under time pressure and cope with stress is crucial. Patience is equally important as recruiting the right person is often a long and complicated process. An analytical mind makes it easier to screen candidates efficiently and select the best one for the position.

Good organization

Accuracy, diligence, and meticulousness are also important in this profession, as a recruiter’s job involves a lot of paperwork. The ability to plan, set goals, and manage time will also come in handy – being able to organize one’s work and stay focused can be crucial in a flurry of tasks and daily responsibilities. A good recruiter is also a good negotiator. Finding the right candidate is only half the battle; negotiating the terms of employment is equally important. Great recruiters must find the golden mean between the candidate’s satisfaction with the terms of the contract and the company’s capabilities.

Great recruiter – summary

A professional recruiter with the qualities and skills described above plays an important role in the life of an organization. Their hiring decisions can affect the company’s financial performance, the level of candidate experience, and the company’s overall image. A great recruiter is the company’s showcase in the market.

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Author: Nicole Mankin

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