Becoming an expert on affiliate marketing can be quite challenging. When starting your adventure with it, you must get familiar with a number of new terms and definitions. What is EPC in affiliate marketing? What does EPC stand for? What does marketing have in common with maths? This article will respond to these questions and help you understand the EPC metric. Read on.

What is EPC in affiliate marketing – table of contents:

  1. Marketing and maths
  2. What is EPC?
  3. How to calculate EPC?
  4. How can EPC boost your affiliate marketing?
  5. What is EPC? – summary

Marketing and maths

Just a few publishers are professional marketers and university graduates. Several people who start using affiliate marketing are specialists in their own fields. Marketing is a complex process which combines knowledge from various areas, including maths. Give it a chance! After reaching a certain number of clicks, it’s time to draw first conclusions.

Are your marketing efforts actually working? Are your actions bringing any results, or are you just having fun? As an affiliate marketer, you don’t need to be a graduate in particle physics, however, you should certainly be acquainted with basic terms and indicators concerning affiliate marketing.Performance metrics were not created to spite humanists. Don’t be afraid of statistics and graphs. Learn what EPC stands for.

What is EPC?

There are several performance indicators in marketing that are key to measuring the success of any business, and EPC is one of them. This metric shows if your affiliate campaigns bring any profits or not. It helps you gauge how well your traffic is converting into sales. EPC stands for Earnings Per Click, and it is a metric used to determine the expected average value generated by 100 clicks on a given affiliate link. This way, EPC lets you check how your offers are performing, and alternatively, tweak your marketing strategy.

How to calculate EPC?

In order to calculate EPC, take the commission you earn and divide it by the number of clicks on your affiliate links. EPC is usually provided in multiples of 100s.For instance, if you get 1 000 euro after generating 10 000 clicks, then the EPC for this offer is 10 euros, which means that you can get 10 euros for every 100 clicks. If, in the case of another offer, the commision amounted to 1000 euros, but there were half as many clicks, it’s perhaps worth reconsidering its profitability.

what is epc

How can EPC boost your affiliate marketing?

EPC is an essential metric thanks to which you can evaluate your earning potential. Let’s sum up why EPC matters in affiliate marketing. EPC can help you:

  • determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and the ways your campaign is conducted,
  • check whether another advertiser’s offer is satisfying,
  • find out which paid forms of advertising you can invest in, and which of them will be a waste of money,
  • identify technical shortcomings of the campaign,
  • test various versions of your affiliate site to learn which one is more profitable.

What is EPC? – summary

EPC is one of the most common terms in affilate marketing which allows marketers to take smarter decisions regarding their strategies, and give them a better view of how they business works. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, read our other articles: How to do affiliate marketing on Amazon.

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