Although it might seem that for a recipient preparing to purchase a selected product or service, the most interesting elements of an offer are the elements themselves, it is very common for a person, not knowing the brand, to look for information more about it. This happens all the more often the greater the competition in the industry – when customers can order the same or similar product from different entities, they are most likely to look for a company with whose values, vision or mission they will identify.

For this reason, the so-called About us page is essential on a website, where viewers find confirmation of the authenticity and credibility of the brand they are viewing. Here are 4 ways to describe this tab, and at the same time achieve your goal – to attract attention, build trust and encourage closer contact (and ultimately a relationship) with the brand.

What is the About Us page?

An “About Us” page (sometimes also called “About the Company” or “Our Story”) is a section of a website (but also an advertising brochure or other marketing materials) that is designed to present information about a particular company or organization. The purpose of this tab is to present the history, mission, values, goals of a particular brand, as well as the people behind a particular company or project. Becoming familiar with it helps potential customers, business partners and other interested parties better understand who the company is, why it is valuable and for what reason, when choosing among other current entities (promoting the same offerings), one should opt for that particular brand.

How to write an About Us page?

Reviewing the websites of various brands, one can find that very often the About Us page is a repetition of the content that is included on the main tab, focusing on providing the company’s contact information (i.e. repetition of the content from the Contact us tab), or presents items that are in the brand’s offer (and thus available on many other tabs). However, that’s not the kind of information users are looking for when they go to that very place. Here are four effective practices to help you create the kind of description on your About Us page that the user – and perhaps your future customer – expects.

  1. Tell the story
  2. The first method described is the result of the approach that people like to hear stories as well as buy from other people – that is, it proposes harnessing the power of storytelling. After all, every company has a shorter or longer story, and telling it (especially in a personal way, great for micro, local companies) can be the key to building a bond with customers.

    If you want to take advantage of this idea, start by presenting the company’s genesis. Tell the story of who founded it, when, with whom, under what circumstances, and most crucially – why. Show the milestones in the company’s history, focusing on recounting not only the successes achieved but also the challenges that had to be overcome. Telling your story will let your customers understand you better.

  3. Focus on vision, mission and values
  4. A company’s mission, vision and underlying values are key elements that help shape a brand’s identity. In times of dynamic competition in the marketplace, it’s through such matters, which are an essential part of your brand strategy, that you should start establishing your business – to determine why you do what you do and what values (innovation, sustainability, girlhood, etc.) guide you.

    However, once you’ve identified these issues, don’t treat them as secret knowledge that only you or possibly some employees are aware of. Present it on the About Us subpage so that the customers can see what matters to you. After all, it may be that the same elements are important to them – and that will encourage them to make a purchase.

  5. Show your team
  6. You must have heard that storytelling increases the chances of selling as people are most likely to buy from other people, rather than from brands to which they are unable to assign any face. This belief underlies the third example, which shows how to develop an About Us page – that is, by showing every company’s most valuable resource, people.

    Therefore, introduce the key people on your team, outlining their experience, passions and how they support product creation or service design for the end user. By providing this type of information (supported by photos of the individuals) you will build trust with the viewer and show that there are competent and dedicated professionals behind your company.

  7. Mix the above points
  8. The fourth method outlined above is a mix of the three mentioned above. Without a doubt, it’s the best practice you’ll find when creating and analyzing About Us pages. Why? Because it incorporates storytelling (the story of how the company developed can be really captivating to the audience), shows faces (essential in the area of building trust in the brand), and indicates what the company’s values are (which provides an opportunity to identify). By synthesizing all this information (as well as exerting the creativity of team members or an external copywriting specialist), you can create a description that will pique the interest of even the most skeptical viewer.

About Us page

About page – summary

Although the About Us page is the shortest, least complicated and contains a small amount of information compared to other bets on a brand’s website, getting it right poses a lot of difficulties for companies – no matter what industry they are in. However, the development of the text will not be so cumbersome and time-consuming when you take advantage of the content design suggestions outlined above.

Still, In this regard, it is undoubtedly worthwhile to delegate this task to the person who knows the company best or to reach for the help of a professional who, after gathering the necessary information, will create a description that will enable you to achieve your desired goals. This is the best way to make the About Us page also play a role in encouraging or convincing the customer to make a purchase.

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