As the author of the video movies you know for sure how time consuming the creation of each video is. Writing of the script and remembering about all those details during the recording, then editing – all this requires concentration and good organizing. Luckily we already have the tool, which helps to control the chaos and facilitates all the aspects of movie creation – this is storyboard.

Storyboard – table of content:

  1. What is a video storyboard?
  2. How to create a video storyboard?
  3. Why storyboard is worth doing?

What is a video storyboard?

Storyboard is nothing more than a script in a form of collection of drawings – it forms the guideline for the movie producers. It shows what exactly is in the video from the very first to the last scene. Notes and subtitles are attached to all drawings, which makes storyboard look like a typical cartoon strip.

Usually, a storyboard for a short movie is drawn manually, but there are already specialized programs for storyboards, which facilitate creation of more complicated graphics and animations. Among many free programs are: StoryboardThat and Storyboarder. Fully animated storyboard displays not only the content of the movie but the speed and the duration of all subsequent frames.

How to create a video storyboard?

Surely, one can start working on storyboard spontaneously, but well-planned actions bring better results. Sharpen your pencil, ask yourself a few questions regarding the aim of your movie, engage cooperators for brainstorming, and let them asses the results.

Planning stage

Before you start any work on your movie, re-examine your goals. What is the main aim of your movie? Does it have to boost the sales of some particular products, improve recognizability of your brand, or perhaps it should form an instruction for the new employees. Concentration of the main goal allows you to make conscious, sound decisions.

If you are working in a team start the brainstorming session and together make list of all suggestions for the movie. Remember, there are no bad ideas – even the most ridiculous at first concept may be the beginning of something groundbreaking and innovative.

Having the clear vision of the content of your recording, you may order all your scenes chronologically.

Make decisions about the entry scenes, as well as the middle section and the end of the movie. Mark all important points of transition such as: insertions or changes of the background and location.

Start drawing

On the paper board or piece of paper draw series of squares amounted to the number of the most important scenes of your movie. Fill your squares with drawings. For this task it is better to use a pencil (and to have the rubber aside). While drawing don’t worry about the lack of artistic talent – your drawings should be demonstrative and convey your ideas, they don’t have to entice admiration.

Under each of the squares you may attach description of the action or even precise dialogues for the actors. This is the place, where all notes regarding subtitles or voice of the dubbing speaker should go.

Here a few tips:

  • generally it is better to present every important in the movie event (change, novelty) as one separate drawing
  • adding graphical pointers describing movements of the objects and interactions of the people is beneficial as well
  • adding numbers under each scene helps later with referencing.

Re-examine your ideas

Show your newly created storyboard to your cooperators and check their feedback. At this moment, with the accurate plan in front of you, you have all the chances to discuss your ideas for the movie and see if it matches your initial goals. After this make necessary corrections in your storyboard, prepare the setting, invite all the participants and start filming.

what is a video storyboard

Why storyboard is worth doing?

Drawing of the storyboard while creating the video recording may seem one more unnecessary task on the list. Still, it is worth sparing some time on this process because there are at least several benefits of it:

  • Organization of your thoughts: at the initial stage of your script’s creation the storyboard helps arrange your thoughts in one sequential string and present them in shape, which allows concentration on your vision.
  • Planning of the recording: knowing exactly, what is happening in every minute of the recording helps you to predict, what tools and accessories may be needed during the recording as well as it allows smooth co-ordination of people involved in the production of the film.
  • Sharing of ideas: storyboard close at hand provides easy representation of your ideas to your cooperators (they will forgive you your bad drawings) or clients (here storyboard should be made with specialized application).
  • Simplification and savings:: storyboard increases efficiency of movie production – it speeds up the whole process, it helps to implement changes and early identify all possible problems. The storyboard limits the amount of unnecessary scenes (usually removed from the movie at the phase of post-production) and allows to concentrate on showing the most important matters.

Undoubtedly, to create a movie that will impress your audience and support your business goals requires great effort. Well-made story board guarantees that you will spend less time and far less effort during the film production process and your work will be better coordinated.

Try for yourself – the storyboard may transform the way you work with your recordings.

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Author: Patrick Foster

An ambitious video specialist who combines his passion for beautiful objects creation with the ability to make amazing videos. He is willing to share his knowledge and experience with others.

The most important questions

  1. Storyboard – what it is?

    Storyboard is a script in the form of drawings – it forms the guideline for the movie producers.

  2. Storyboard – how to make it?

    The easiest way to make a storyboard is to draw the most important scenes on the sheet of paper.

  3. What scenes should be included in the storyboard?

    The most important ones – for example those, where the scenery or trajectory of the movement changes, as well as new object or characters appear.

  4. Why storyboard is worth doing before film making?

    The storyboard increases efficiency of movie production – it helps to order all scenes, implement important changes and speeds up the whole process. It allows easy sharing of the ideas among cooperators.