A few months ago, the emerging trend in the labor market was the so-called quiet quitting, which quickly became very popular among the representatives of Generation Z (i.e. those born after 1995). It has been observed that Gen Zs consciously resign from doing duties that go beyond their scope of work.

Nowadays, a new trend can be noticed, which has quite similar characteristics, the so-called “lazy girl job”. In today’s post, we will explain what it is all about (contrary to what the name implies, it doesn’t apply only to women), and discuss whether it can pose a threat to your business. Read on.

What is a “lazy girl job”?

A “lazy girl job” is a new trend in the labor market which was first mentioned by a 26-year-old influencer Gabrielle Judge on TikTok. Where did the term come from? It is another evidence that the youngest generation in the job market is opposing the culture of workaholism promoted by their parents or older colleagues and siblings.

For them, keeping a work-life balance is more important, and they want to achieve it by doing well-paid jobs that are less stressful and require little effort. However, the creator of the concept pointed out that it was not about laziness per se (the word “lazy” was only meant to reinforce the message and ensure that it would be catchier for the TikTok community), but being happy at work.

Examples of “lazy girl jobs”

As a prime example of this trend, we can mention another TikToker, 23-year-old Victoria Bilodeau. The creator explained on her channel that until recently she had worked as an environmental technician, for which she got $26 an hour. She decided to change careers and became a digital marketing specialist. She is now working on her own terms as a freelancer.

Although she earns less than before, she is much happier because she has time for her hobbies. The trend dominates in companies that allow their employees to work remotely and offer flexible working hours. Here are some examples of “lazy girl jobs” that are trending:

  • virtual assistant
  • copywriter, content writer, social media manager,
  • graphic designer,
  • UX designer,
  • photographer,
  • data entry specialist,
  • transcriber.

Can the “lazy girl job” trend threaten your business?

It’s nothing new that Gen Zs don’t treat work as the highest value in life, expect flexible working hours, and need to keep their work-life balance. For this reason, this trend in the labor market shouldn’t be viewed as a threat to your business. It rather shows how employees’ attitudes are changing, which is not a negative phenomenon itself.

Placing more emphasis on a work-life balance greatly improves an employee’s quality of life, ensuring their mental and physical well-being and improving their productivity.

How to deal with the “lazy girl job trend”?

To deal with the “lazy job trend” and other trends that will probably emerge, it’s necessary to adapt the labor market to the expectations of the younger generation. We can say that it has already taken place since many companies offer remote jobs, flexible working hours, and cooperate with freelancers.

A great example can be the marketing industry, where companies (especially smaller ones) decide to collaborate with specialists who work independently, which opens up opportunities for copywriters, graphic designers, or virtual assistants. Also, companies that invest in the professional development of their employees, will also be more attractive to Generation Z.

Contrary to popular belief, managing freelancers doesn’t need to be tougher than managing regular employees. Such collaboration can be based on a dedicated tool. Firmbee, our freelancer management system, allows companies to carry out all the processes associated with working with subcontractors, including recruiting, storing records, organizing work, communicating, and invoicing directly from the tool.

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The “lazy girl job” trend is a complex phenomenon that may have both a positive and negative impact on business – but it all depends on the attitude of employers. Companies that will quickly learn about the needs of the youngest employees in the labor market, understand them, and take appropriate action, will be better prepared to face the challenges of hiring Gen Zs.

Such an approach will allow them to see how much benefit younger people can bring to the workplace – in exchange for flexibility, a work-life balance, and conditions for professional development.

lazy girl job

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