If you’re selling on the world’s most popular marketplace, you’re sure to be concerned about the results you’re achieving. One way that can help you achieve your business goals is to continuously analyze and optimize an indicator known as Amazon Sales Rank (ASR, sometimes also referred to as Best Sellers Rank, BSR). This metric examines the popularity of the product you offer in a category relative to all products offered in that category by other sellers. Below we explain in detail how this indicator works, sensitize you to its shortcomings, and point out the best tactics that can ensure its growth in the long term.

Amazon Sales Rank – table of contents:

  1. What is Amazon Sales Rank?
  2. Is ASR a meaningful indicator?
  3. How to Increase Amazon Sales Rank
  4. Increasing Amazon Sales Rank – summary

What is Amazon Sales Rank?

Amazon Sales Rank (ASR) is a numerical indicator that shows how well your product is selling on the platform compared to other products in the same category. It can be found on the product page at the very bottom of the section titled Product Details or Product Information. The lower the ASR, the better, because it means that your product is selling better compared to other products in its category – meaning you are consequently earning more.

Interestingly, this indicator is updated on an hourly basis (based on the number of products sold, but also taking into account sales history, for example), which means that there are often some point differences – due to the fact that thousands of products from a multimillion-dollar catalog are sold on the platform at any given time.

Is ASR a meaningful indicator?

We should treat Amazon Sales Rank as a relative indicator since it does not directly reflect the number of copies sold but only compares how many copies you managed to sell compared to dissimilar products included in the same category. Moreover, a high ASR can mean that a product is very popular, but it can equally well show that a seller is trying to sell a product in a very competitive category, where it is virtually impossible to achieve a low ASR. Thus, the indicator really measures the popularity of a product among customers of a well-known marketplace, not its sales performance.

How to improve sales rank on Amazon?

Despite its relativity, Amazon Sales Rank allows you to examine what products are in demand, helps determine the competition or increases brand awareness. For this reason, it is worth taking care to keep it as low as possible (ideally, you should be in the TOP 3). How can you increase this indicator? Below are some of the most popular tactics, but we emphasize that they are not a closed catalog (you can still opt for tailored advertising to your target audience, for example).

  1. Product listing optimization
  2. Surely you realize that on Amazon – just like on Google search – proper positioning of your product is crucial. After all, by increasing your visibility in customers’ search results, it is possible to boost sales, which will make the discussed indicator increase. Hence, you need to analyze whether your product page contains all the necessary information and whether the site is optimized for keywords.

    Moreover, an attractive title, an accurate description, and good-quality photos indicated distinguishing attributes – you should not forget about all such elements under any circumstances either, as they are the basis for attracting the reader’s attention. An interesting option in this area is to conduct A/B testing of different versions of the product listing to determine which one works better and consequently increases Amazon Sales Rank.

  3. Ensure product reviews

Are you taking advantage of Amazon’s ability to send review requests to customers who have purchased the product you offer? If you haven’t yet decided to enable this automatic process, don’t wait any longer – because reviews are the best social proof you can get for your site. Encourage your customers to leave positive reviews and respond to negative reviews to show that you are interested in your customers’ opinions – this way your Amazon Sales Rank will surely increase. You can enable review requests in your Seller Central account on the Order Details subpage after navigating from the Manage Order page and selecting the product that matters most to you.

  • Focus on the product
  • Of course, the above-mentioned techniques are a way to increase Amazon Sales Rank, but you won’t start selling more (i.e., ASR won’t increase) if you don’t constantly work on improving your product. After all, several factors influence how a product’s sales, such as the quality, price or appearance of the product, as well as speed of delivery or customer service, among others, and not just the popularity (i.e., demand, existing fashion, etc.) of your product relative to other products in the same category.

    Also, relevant to ARS is, for example, seasonality, which means that your product may sell less well, or even temporarily get unavailable on the site. Therefore, you must put the greatest emphasis on the product you offer.

    Increasing Amazon Sales Rank – summary

    If you’re looking to increase your Amazon Sales Rank, try the tactics we mentioned above – not only related to the platform but also to the product you’re offering itself. Still, keep in mind that this is not a process to bring the expected results right away. Due to the dynamic competition and the flurry of offers found on the platform, you need to stay patient.

    It is also important to constantly analyze the results, and consequently, take care of optimization through constant testing of various solutions, as there is no single way to bring about an increase in the discussed indicator. Nonetheless, we assure you that in the end you will implement a strategy that will bring you the desired results.

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