Reality is constantly changing and undergoing metamorphosis. This means a number of adaptation processes that are inevitable – also in the human resource management sector. Such a strategy makes it possible to optimize conducted activities, increase the competitiveness of the company and improve communication with employees. In this article you will read about 3 most popular Human Resource Technology trends this year.

Human Resource Technology trends in 2022 – table of contents:

  1. What is Human Resource Technology?
  2. Time is money
  3. Remote work
  4. AI Recruiter
  5. Summary

What is Human Resource Technology?

In order to illustrate the main tendencies of Human Resource Technology, it is worth explaining this mysterious abbreviation. Administration and management of human potential means a lot of information, manipulative activities and frequent updates. Therefore, the cooperation between experts from the human resources department and programmers who design intuitive and user-friendly structures was developed.

Technological innovations provide a number of improvements in the security of data entered and stored, talent availability, enterprise development, as well as budget savings. HR Technology also automates the recruitment process itself. Dynamic technological progress makes it possible to create special solutions for the challenges experienced by HR staff. The emerging instruments are versatile and, above all, practical.

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Time is money

This saying is particularly accurate in the context of all business owners. It is dedicated to those entrepreneurs who are struggling with the problem of employee absenteeism. The problem is serious, as confirmed by the American Payroll Association. The organization warns that the situation affects 75% of American businesses, and this generates huge losses for the portfolio of the business entity. How to prevent this?

The answer is a biometric time management system. The method is based on the employee’s physical and behavioral characteristics. Such elements can include fingerprints, facial features, venous hand systems, genetic code, and even the sound of human voice. The properties are converted into a digital format and allow you to identify a specific person.Modern devices and applications are used to emphasize the start and end of individual working hours. A biometric time management system generates benefits on several levels.

The key aspect is full control of the employee’s activity, which translates into productivity and reducing the risk of negligence. Another advantage is the reduction of errors during salary payments and a significant increase in security.

Remote work

Unusual circumstances made it necessary to work remotely. The new form of employment has brought a lot of benefits both to employees and employers, e.g. increased efficiency, flexibility, focus on current tasks and huge benefits for the condition of the natural environment. A survey conducted by the Buffer portal publishes surprising results, namely 99% of respondents express their willingness to work remotely for the rest of their careers.

No wonder that remote work seems to be trending upwards. Modern enterprises are preparing virtual and hybrid work strategies to meet the employees’ needs. New working conditions also mean previously unknown restrictions. Human Resource Technology develops specialized tools that facilitate the staff management from different locations as well as time zones, while maintaining engagement and control.

In order to monitor the degree of motivation, human resources specialists use surveillance devices that track time, used applications or websites, and even take random screenshots. Personalized tests that inform about the degree of employee satisfaction and build stronger partner relations are also an interesting form. The information gathered in this way can be used to develop a strategy for improving performance and implementing possible changes.

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AI Recruiter

The use of artificial intelligence does not mean that the human potential will be totally replaced. An innovative procedure makes it possible to choose and limit the number of candidates in the recruitment process. The results available on Retorio indicate that for 52% of talent acquisition leaders, the initial stage of recruitment is the most difficult. Artificial intelligence simplifies and automates activities, based on the entered data, the candidate’s abilities or the job offer description.

In this way, recruiters improve the quality of the entire process and save time by concentrating on other duties. Trend-setting companies that initiated artificial intelligence are already observing a decline in costs and the increase of productivity and profits.


Human Resource Technology trends stand in line with the current demand of employers. Efficient implementation of innovations will contribute to the creation of a strong and progressive organization, friendly to its employees and consumers.

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Author: Nicole Mankin

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