Time-tracking software is used by some contemporary companies. The statistic presented by Tech Jury shows that 17% of people use actively some types of tools to manage their time. Recently, the productivity of employees has declined, while those results mean real losses for many companies. The best example of a lack of efficiency is the United States, where the economic damage is severe and amounts to 50 million US dollars per day! Read the text to find out how time tracking software can help to increase the level of productivity of your employees.

How time-tracking software increases productivity? – table of contents:

  1. Time tracking software – benefits
  2. Pomodoro technique
  3. Myth busters
  4. Synergy effect
  5. Summary
  6. Check out our time-tracking software

Time-tracking software – benefits

To show accurately the potential of available applications for time tracing it is worth starting with the main issues that slow down the performance during everyday work. Have you ever heard about Parkinson’s law? Do you know what this term means?

Parkinson’s law is an axiom that states that “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion”. This is the rule created by Cyril Northcote Parkinson, who first described his observation in 1955. Parkinson was a British writer, historian, and public administration expert.

His notions related to bureaucracy and organization are the basis for his theory. Parkinson’s law point to key factors that make the phase of realization of tasks longer than needed – the realization extends to the maximum possible length. Disturbances, breaks, lack of focus, perfectionism, and procrastination are the factors described by Parkinson’s law.

Pomodoro technique

The response to the lack of productivity is the technique of time management called Pomodoro. The name of the method derives from the cooking counter that was shaped as a tomato, which was used by the creator of the technique.

The effectiveness of the Pomodoro technique is based on the huge simplicity and intuitiveness of the application. In the first step, the list of tasks has to be prepared – remember to arrange the tasks accordingly to their priority.

The next step is to use the time-tracking software. There are many applications and different types of software that use the Pomodoro technique. New technology allows comfortable adjustment of the parameters to the individual needs of the employee. Additionally, special plug-ins in the browser can block automatically all the disturbing notifications.

The sound starts the 25-minute cycle, which ends up with a 5-minute break. The sequence repeats 4 times and there is a time for a longer break. This strategy of working intensifies the efficiency, allows keeping full concentration, divides the project into smaller chunks, and helps to keep a fresh perspective. It is not all – the software shows all finished tasks, which increases the motivation of the person.

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Myth busters

Many companies cultivate multipurpose models ow work. Engagement in several projects at the same time tends to be shown as an example and high standard of employee engagement – but nothing is further from the truth. The research shows that only 2,5% of people have this above-average disposition to multi-task during work.

For the rest of the employees, multitasking means a reduction in the effectiveness of perfumed duties. The reason for such results is the increased risk of errors and the loss of concentration, as well as the forgetting about some of the elements that have to be done during the assignment. The culture of multitasking reduces creativity and increases the level of stress.

The mechanisms that run the human brain allow focusing on one activity at a time, hence the technique of multitasking is not integrated with the main organ in the human body. Experiences have shown that multitasking can contribute to the reduction of the IQ ratio and damage the brain.

Employers have to remember that they should offer benefits both for individuals that are parents and for individuals that are single and living alone. The company has to cater to various needs and cannot neglect anybody.

A professional time-tracking software not only should increase the productivity results among your employees but should guarantee protection from the negative effect of inefficient management. Time tracking forces the user of the software to concentrate fully on one assignment.

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Synergy effect

More and more people are concerned about their health both physical and mental. Growing social awareness made companies search for even better solutions, that go beyond medical and sports packages. Some of the companies (especially offices) have decided to offer free services to massage therapists or provide massage chairs in their buildings.

The time-tracking software is constantly developed which means that there are more and more universal and functional tools on the market. Registering all activities allows monitoring and control of moments that were devoted to the specific tasks. Full knowledge about time management is needed to optimize the whole schedule of the day.

Control over the results can identify those elements of the everyday scenario that have the highest influence on efficiency. Accordingly to the Pareto rule, 20% of all tasks can generate 80% of overall productivity. To find out which tasks are the most important ones one has to manage his time consciously.

Time management in groups and teams is equally important as individual time management. More and more companies decide to introduce special applications to facilitate the administering of the schedule and create an efficient net of connections between employees.

Such decisions don’t surprise me – the stats show a 25% increase in productivity in organizations where the levels of communication are high. The modern applications integrate all the participants of the undertaking, and what is most important set the deadlines for all activities.

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The technology of time control allows the automatization of all unnecessary activities. All the team members can be informed about the task without the necessity of direct intervention in their work schedule. Moreover, collective control over tasks increases the motivation to finish the project and eliminates potential flaws, while the effectiveness of work remains at high levels.

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