Creation of job advertisement is one of the most important parts of the recruitment process. To receive responses from candidates who match our job offer we should be well prepared before the advertisement is written. It is important that the person (for example copywriter) who deals with this crucial task, knows how to write correctly and is able to construct precise messages as well as understands exactly the requirements of the positions advertised. This person should know about all the duties awaiting the new employee as well.

Elements of job advertisement – table of content:

  1. What job advertisement should include?
  2. Company information
  3. Job title
  4. Job details and duties
  5. Description of ideal candidate
  6. Salary and benefits package
  7. Summary
  8. What should be avoided in the job advertisement?
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What job advertisement should include?

What job advertisement should include?

There is no one formula for good job advertisement, but during the search for the right candidates it is worth to create advertisement, which includes all crucial data.

Include all the following elements in your advertisement:

  • name and the localization of the company
  • job title
  • job duties
  • description of the candidate
  • information about salary and benefits package
  • GDPR (general data protection regulation) compliance clause

Company information

The name and the description of the company are those elements of the advertisement the candidate pays attention to. This element should be concise and should outline the most important fields of company’s activities. A few sentences in that section is sufficient – we should have the chance to tell more during the interview with the candidate.Information about our company helps the prospective employee to find out more about our activities.

Job title

Job title is central part of the job advert since it is the best way to attract the most relevant candidates. Some of the job positions differ slightly while employees perform many varied tasks, hence job title may be the main guidance for the individual searching for the right position.

Job details and duties

The future candidate should be informed about job details and duties ahead of the recruitment process. Accurate, precise job description enhances and speeds up the whole process of recruitment, since prospective candidates have chance to asses their abilities, competencies and skills, as well as their readiness for the role. Well-written job duties section spares us the effort of interviewing of random, uninterested, and ill-fitting candidates.

Description of ideal candidate

Another important part of the advertisement is description of the candidate. At this stage all the requirements should be precisely formulated. Detailed job description restricts our pool of candidates to individuals with the right skill and potential. The most important requirements should be placed at the beginning of the description, while less important features may be included at the end of the text. It should be mentioned if some of the skills are just desirable and not essential or if we are able to provide necessary training.

Salary and benefits package

For many employees their salary is the most important component of their work. Frequently, job offers without specified salary proposal are being ignored. Quite often candidates think that alary at this position may be lower than expected, hence it is undisclosed. It is understandable that not every company wishes to announce its payroll details broadly and for that reason it is reasonable to include salary range in the job advertisement.

Benefits provided by companies not required by law should be mentioned in your job advertisement. There is a variety of potential benefits packages offered by companies and they may vary. If your business offers health insurance, life insurance, pension plans or gym membership write about it. Benefits packages have positive impact on your image and encourage candidates to start the cooperation.


Job offer should be summarized briefly at the end of the advertisement and should be accompanied with warm invitation for applications directed at prospective candidates. In this section General Data Protection Regulations should be placed alongside with the sample of required GDPR clause.

What should be avoided in the job advertisement?

Huge mistake in the job advertisements is the usage of vague wording or phrases, which don’t convey any real meaning from the perspective of the employee such as: “very attractive salary” or “great working conditions”. Without sufficient information regarding job duties the probability of future disappointment with the job increases. All this often leads to premature termination of employment contract. Additionally, insufficient, wrong information causes inadequate utilization of skills and abilities of the newly employed individual.

In the job advertisement real specifics of the job, as well as genuine facts should be given. Avoidance of giving inconvenient information is easy to spot on in the ad and makes the company seem unreliable and untrustworthy.

Clearly, well-written job advertisement increases interest of the candidates for the job. This encourages them greatly to apply to the advertised position. Every company, which is keen to share all important details regarding the job inspires more trust among potential employees, while job offer including accurate and precise expectations has a chance to reach candidates well-matched with the position, which are possessing specialized qualifications.

It’s worthy to create professional job offer at the beginning of the recruitment process, since this speeds up the whole procedure and gives more opportunities to reach to the right candidates.

Check out our video about how to write an effective job advertisement:

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