One of the biggest advantages of the applicant tracking system is the automation of the entire recruitment process making the recruiter’s job easier. However, today’s market constantly demands more innovation from the introduced methods. Is the ATS capable of turning into an even more powerful recruiting machine? Here are some forecasts about the future of applicant tracking systems.

Applicant tracking systems – table of contents:

  1. Intelligent selection
  2. Relationships with candidates

Intelligent selection

Apart from the obvious function of tracking candidates, using the latest technological advances, an ATS can maximize a company’s efficiency through appropriate algorithms. Today’s job market requires multidimensional analysis of candidates. Simply predicting whether a person will meet the requirements and fit into the organization’s profile is no longer satisfactory enough.

Even candidates who have an impressive educational background and a lot of work experience may not actually be the best choice. Therefore, when looking for a new employee, recruiters should not focus solely on identifying their hard skills. It is equally important to learn about the candidate’s work ethic, passion, teamwork skills or level of determination when pursuing goals. 

Intelligent selection comes to the rescue. It still relies on automation of the process, but the carried out analysis compares many more aspects of a potential employee at a single moment. By improving the quality of hiring itself, intelligent selection makes it possible to reach real talent and reduces the risk of starting with the wrong person.

Such a solution makes the work of recruiters easier, as they gain a valuable tool for assessing the likelihood of accepting an offer by a candidate. At the same time, they are able to more accurately predict the future of such an employee in the company, the form or even the period of cooperation. Intelligent selection develops the recruiter’s ability to interpret the characteristics of individual candidates. Apart from the obvious skills visible on a resume, the fit with the organization’s or team’s profile is also measured. 

Intelligent selection is thus more strongly focused on finding authentic talent that, once discovered, will benefit the company in the long term. Combining intelligent selection with the applicant tracking system further increases the adequacy of its application in the face of the challenges of today’s market. Providing employers with such rich knowledge of candidates allows them to focus only on the best ones, reducing the time wasted on conducting ineffective job interviews. As a result, through intelligent selection, the applicant tracking system relies more on real analysis of individual employees than on assumptions and predictions.

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Relationships with candidates

Today, employees are gaining a stronger position in the market. Aware of their value, they also want to be appreciated by the employer. That is why developing and nurturing relationships with candidates is such an important aspect. A positive recruitment experience significantly affects further cooperation, which can attract outstanding talent to the company. 

Focusing on building relationships with candidates, an interesting option is to combine ATS with Candidate Relationship Management software. CRM lets you strengthen ties on three levels: with current, former and potential candidates. By automating the process of communicating with prospective employees, the technology improves their experience, increases engagement at each stage and makes them even more interested in the job. 

Integrating the applicant tracking system with the CRM positively influences recruitment marketing, which becomes more automated as a result. CRM functions make it easier to communicate with candidates, more efficiently delivering targeted job offers to them via SMS messages, for example. Relationships with potential employees become easier to control, and candidates are provided with unique forms of communication, detailed job descriptions and a personalized approach to build their positive experience.

Such a solution strengthens the company’s image, portraying it as more focused on employees and their feelings, which increases the flow of candidate applications and attracts the most talented ones. The strength of an organization depends on the amount of talent it has that drives it. Regardless of the nature of the business, every employer values the most talented employees possible. A well-developed ATS system helps attract outstanding individuals to the company, but what about those who are already hired and their talent has not yet been fully discovered? 

A great reinforcement for applicant tracking system is the use of career opportunity software, which helps discover and nurture internal company talents as well. Many employees see new challenges as an opportunity for growth. Therefore, they do not want to stand still and look forward to new tasks. Using career opportunity software provides a chance to get to know employees and their talents better, which the company can use instead of recruiting new people, which involves much higher costs. The system tracks the individual skills of employees, allowing the company to properly match them to tasks and create a balanced team.

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Author: Nicole Mankin

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