Subject matter expertise is essential to effective marketing, but it should not be confused with the technical expertise of a SaaS company’s employees (such as programmers, engineers, or experienced salespeople). It allows you to understand and internalize the reasons why using the services of a SaaS company will bring measurable value to your target customer. Technical copywriting is just one tool used when developing a content marketing strategy for the tech industry.

Technical copywriting in the SaaS industry – table of contents:

What should technical copywriting look like in the SaaS industry? What content strategy to adopt? Here’s how to create content that will stand out among the scores of technical… and uninteresting texts.

Content marketing for the tech industry – diversify your content

Diversity of content is crucial. Implementing different types of content allows you to reach a wider audience. If, for example, you represent a company from the technology sector and you offer your services to programmers – you have to use a different language and cover different topics than for the managerial group.

By using different types of content, you have a chance to reach different target groups according to the following scheme:

  • technical content, written in a specialized language and targeted to technical people will help build credibility – the support of a technical copywriter will be indispensable here,
  • content about the benefits (not just financial) of partnering with a SaaS company will appeal to managers,
  • case studies describing successful implementations of new solutions will support organic traffic.

When planning and distributing content, it is vital to equally provide both technical content and content describing the benefits of implementation, as well as texts pointing out the usefulness for the audience resulting from such cooperation.

Technical copywriting – think about your audience

If we assume that the final user of the solution provided by a company operating in the SaaS model will be a technical person – it is a good practice to raise the subject matter that will engage precisely this audience.

This will actually rely on creating engaging content that will bring real value to this audience. In generating such technical content, you need to explore the subject matter from the inside and navigate the niche you want to target. It is worth investing in creating such specialized articles – only they have a chance to be appreciated by a technical user.

How to create high-quality technical content internally?

If, for various reasons, you cannot or do not want to look for an external copywriter – use the resources you already have. Your programmers, engineers, in a word – specialized technical people can successfully create engaging content.

The greatest challenge in making this a reality may be getting them to create such texts. However, these efforts are worthwhile – it often happens that blogs created as a hobby by specialists in their field rank much better than blogs of companies they work for.

The initiative of creating content by technical people or by salespeople may arouse resistance and reluctance in them – this reaction should also not cause surprise. Nevertheless – it is worth putting emphasis on providing valuable content by subject-matter experts in the company.

Content optimization for SEO and further editing of the material would be the responsibility of the marketing department.

An example of a good technical copywriting, source: technical_copywriting

Justify the value of your product to executives

In order to reach the decision-makers, you have to use arguments pointing to the benefits that will result from the implementation of the solution offered by you. It’s advisable to put forward arguments that do not require technical knowledge but substantively respond to the selected problems. You can use benefits related to productivity improvement or money-saving.

In this way, you will reach people holding such positions as chief operating officers or technical directors who are responsible for implementing new solutions to improve company operations.

Copywriting for SaaS companies

The last type of content presented bridges the gap between substantive and technical copywriting. Such success stories have a chance to reach a wider audience – both end-users and executives.

Point out examples of use, highlight what problems were solved thanks to their implementation.

When creating content, keep in mind the knowledge about the personas you want to reach. This will make it easier for you or your team to develop texts that will move your audience.

Content plan for tech companies

When developing your content marketing plan, you need to efficiently operate within diversified types of content, targeting different audiences. Each of them has different needs and problems they face. Finding them and presenting possible solutions will help you execute your strategy and make your technical copywriting better.

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