How do we reach new users? What can we do to ensure that a potential customer ends up on our site? How to encourage someone who is already aware of the brand to make a purchase? These are just some basic questions that pose a challenge to any company operating on the Internet and striving for success in 2023. The answers will be provided by a properly developed strategy, which should take into account – in addition to the needs and expectations of consumers – current SEO and content marketing trends, among others, which we will discuss in the article below.

The growing role of artificial intelligence in SEO and content marketing trends

Without a doubt, the key SEO and content trend to prepare for – and in many ways understand and accept – is the increasing use of artificial intelligence and machine learning-based solutions. Emerging text generators (such as AI ChatGPT) are changing how different types of content are changed (making the process faster and easier), which is not without its impact on SEO.

However, we should bear in mind that at the same time Google released the Helpful Content Update algorithm last year, which will promote content with real audiences in mind and convey real value to them. So within this SEO and content marketing trends, the key to success concerns keeping the golden mean between exploiting artificial intelligence and adapting to search engine and user requirements.

Voice Search

With advances in technology and the popularity of voice assistants (such as Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, for example), users are increasingly opting for voice commands to find information – hence this is another SEO and content trend that will play a significant role in 2023, forcing changes in the way content gets optimized. Why? Because voice search is different from traditional typing of phrases on a keyboard – queries are longer, more natural, akin to talking to a human.

Long, semantically rich key phrases and answers to popular user questions will therefore be key in optimizing content for voice search (especially for local SEO).

User-generated content

We should also take into account the role of so-called user-generated content, i.e., content created by users rather than by the brand itself (e.g., posts or social media accounts showing the unboxing of packages received, how to apply the product, the experience of interacting with the service, etc.) will not diminish in 2023. This type of often highly differentiated content is sometimes better received by both search engines and customers themselves, as it provides social proof of legitimacy, encouraging them to interact with the brand.

We can observe these SEO and content marketing trends, for example, in Instagram’s new Collabs feature, which allows two accounts to make one of the posts. The created content thus reaches both audiences, increasing the brand’s reach, while at the same time, it’s co-created by actual customers, thus enhancing authenticity and building audience trust.

Video content marketing

In 2023, content created in the form of video will undoubtedly continue to thrive – whether as shorter Shorts on YouTube, Reels on Instagram, or TikTok, or longer videos. Companies in various industries should continue to invest in video as an effective form of communication that keeps the customer’s attention for longer than the text form can. Still, what will matter most is their creativity as well as variety (tutorials, guides, animations, etc.).

The growing popularity of this form of content will also translate into better SEO results – videos are already appearing as answers to typed queries. It will therefore be necessary to optimize uploaded video forms (in terms of metadata, transcription, tags, etc.) to ensure the best possible position in Google.

SEO and content marketing trends

SEO and content marketing trends in strategy planning

To properly plan your marketing strategy, you need to recognize SEO and content trends and prepare for them. This way you’ll understand and predict both the probable behavior of search engine (in terms of SEO activities) as well as the needs and expectations of users (in terms of activities aimed at them).

Lack of awareness in this regard will lead to actions that will not lead to expected results, which may consequently hinder the building of a competitive advantage. Learning about current SEO and content marketing trends (major predictions we listed above), finding confirmations for them (e.g., in consumer research) and developing strategies tailored to them are the first steps toward satisfactory results.

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Author: Zofia Lipska

With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, Sophia not only knows the rules of this industry but above all knows how to break them in order to achieve outstanding and creative results.