Motivation is a very complex issue that is associated with habits, external stimuli, our own limitations, and work. The willingness to change is an essential piece of the puzzle that will make your resolutions come true and motivate you to work on yourself.

Motivational podcasts can help keep you on track and give you workable solutions. Read on to learn more.

Why is it so difficult to stay motivated?

To some, focusing on and achieving a goal comes more naturally than to others. But in either case, it requires work on oneself and action, which in turn requires strength and dedication. We find it easier to persevere in simple resolutions, while more difficult ones require more effort. Along the way, there are moments of weakness, unfavorable external factors, or a worse mood, and each of these elements makes it even harder to stay motivated.

There are a lot of theories about how to stick to a resolution and make it a habit. Some of them say that all you have to do is repeat something regularly and it becomes your daily routine. Others, on the other hand, say that anything is possible, we just have to want it badly. Regardless of which of these claims you agree with, motivational podcasts can be an effective way to fight your own weaknesses. Just believe in yourself and be goal-oriented.

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Planning helps you achieve success

Imagine a person who has never done any sports, but wants to start working on themselves. It’s raining outside and they’ve had a hard day at work. What do you think? Will they curl up under a blanket and watch their favorite TV show, or put on workout clothes and go to the gym? The latter will certainly get them closer to their goal, but it will require more motivation and effort.

Planning can help us achieve our goals. However, for it to be truly helpful, we must set priorities, focus on ourselves, and answer the questions: Why do we want to achieve this goal? What will it give us? When planning, it is not necessarily useful to follow the statement: aim high. Sometimes breaking the problem down into smaller steps allows us to believe that we can do it. Each of these steps should have a specific time frame so that the resolution can be measured and progress evaluated.

Motivational podcasts worth listening to

Beyond the To-Do List

In this podcast, we will learn the approach of experienced authors and creators as they explore the topic of productivity with the host. Erik Fisher hopes to present you with a theory that will help you live life to the fullest and go beyond your to-do list.

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Hurry Slow

This podcast can be considered strictly motivational. The author places a strong emphasis on the fact that what happens in our lives depends on our actions. If you need a proverbial kick-in-the-pants and motivational speeches work best for you, this is a podcast you should listen to.

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It’s About Time

Each of us has exactly the same number of hours in the day. It’s up to you how you use them, but managing your time rationally is not easy. Anna Dearmon Kornick takes a closer look at this in her podcast. You’ll get tips on how to stay focused on your goals, manage your time, self-actualize, and maintain a good work-life balance. In the podcast, you’ll listen to the author’s personal experiences as well as interviews with guests who have experienced this topic in some way.

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The 5 AM Miracle Podcast with Jeff Sanders

Jeff Sanders talks about healthy habits, personal development, and productivity. He keeps us motivated and gives us hope that by focusing on a goal and putting in the hard work, we can achieve what we’ve planned.

motivational podcasts
Getting Things Done® podcast from Vital Learning

Getting Things Done is more than just a podcast. It’s a philosophy the authors live by and believe in. In the episodes, they explain it and share the stories of people who identify with it. The foundation of their approach is stress-free productivity, which means rationally measuring your strengths in pursuit of a goal.

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Motivational podcasts – summary

Listening to motivational podcasts or how-tos can help you achieve your resolutions, but it won’t happen without your hard work. There’s a wealth of knowledge in podcasts that’s worth reaching for, but know that it’s up to you to put it into practice.

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