Ads in social media are the norm. Companies, regardless of size or reach, use Facebook or Instagram ads. TikTok has also joined the ranks recently. However, still not many people know that they can also be set up on Twitter. Perhaps they still haven’t discovered the power that lies in this tool. Check out how to run your first paid Twitter ad and why it’s worth it.

Twitter Ads – table of contents:

  1. Twitter as a marketing tool
  2. Try your luck
  3. The first step: a company account
  4. Time to advertise
  5. Types of ads on Twitter
  6. How to set up your ad step by step?
  7. Summary

Twitter as a marketing tool

Most people are familiar with Twitter, but treat it more as a source of information. A place where they can find the latest news from the world, express their support, share interesting information and pass it on. However, where is the place for advertising and sales here? Contrary to appearances, Twitter is a great marketing tool, which, if used properly, can generate a considerable profit.


Try your luck

When setting up your business, it’s worth trying different forms of communication and testing what reaches your audience the most. Of course, the specifics of the industry and target audience should also be taken into account. Each platform is slightly different, has a different user group and uses different tools.

However, things are not always as we assume. Even if you think that the ideal tool for communication will be Instagram, it may turn out that there your content won’t reach new audiences, while on Facebook or Twitter it will make a splash. So it’s worth trying different opportunities and testing tools. Perhaps a catchy message or an interesting slogan will turn out to be a more effective form than a photo or a video.

The first step: a company account

Paid ads help attract new followers, achieve sales goals or increase reach. However, new audiences must have something to come to. So it’s worth taking care of the right website design beforehand and setting up a company account on Twitter. Why is it worth doing this? First of all, Twitter, along with Google+, are the only platforms whose posts are indexed by Google. This means that all the posts you upload to Twitter can increase the reach of your account and affect your website’s ranking in search results.

Running a company profile on Twitter is neither time-consuming nor difficult. All you need is an interesting idea and proper planning. It is worth creating a content plan and publishing content according to it. Advertising is a way to show your content to a larger audience, so make sure to update your profile on a regular basis.

Time to advertise

Before setting up your first ad, it’s a good idea to think about what goal you want to achieve and how you want to do it. After selecting the appropriate country and time zone, this is what Twitter will ask you about. You can choose to increase the number of visits to an external site, that is redirect people to your website, or bet on increasing interest on your Twitter profile.

Twitter also allows you to reach a specific target group. It’s a very precise tool that, when used properly, can give great results. In addition to being able to determine the users’ age or specific geolocation, you can even target advertising efforts to the audience of specific profiles.

Types of ads on Twitter

Twitter is not just text. The platform follows users and shapes itself according to their expectations. Therefore, when choosing advertising on Twitter, you can promote your profile not only with a catchy slogan, but also using other media. By choosing the right category, you can promote your profile using:

  • images
  • videos
  • carousels
  • moments
  • text

Twitter ads manager is very intuitive and even beginners should have no problems using it. The first serious question Twitter asks you is: What’s your objective? You can choose from the following options:


This is an option for account owners whose main goal is reach. Twitter will run the ad in such a way as to get the highest number of recipients.


This type of ad is aimed at people who care about reactions to the content. Twitter directs the process so that the user gets as many likes, shares and clicks on the link as possible.


This is a way to get new followers.

Website traffic

An ad whose main purpose is to redirect recipients to a website.

Contrary to popular belief, the choice of the ad type is very important. Carefully analyze at what stage your brand is and what type of advertising will help it grow. It is easy to fall into a trap here. Beginners think that the easiest way to make sales is to redirect recipients to an online store.

However, this is not always the case. Definitely better results will be achieved by building interest and gaining a loyal audience beforehand. It is only the next step to release an ad that encourages people to visit a specific website. Interaction with users is a very important element when creating a sales campaign.

How to set up your ad step by step?

When you log into your account, from the side panel on the left, select the “more” tab, then click “professional tools” and “Twitter ads.”

Here you will be asked to enter basic settings concerning your country and time zone. All this is done so that Twitter can better adjust the time of displayed ads for users.

In the next step, you need to choose the goal of your campaign. All of them have been discussed above. Now, create the ad. Once you’ve decided on how you want your campaign to look, it’s time for some technical setup. First of all, determine to whom your ad should be targeted. Take into account your audience and its needs. Narrowing your audience will let you reach those people who might actually be interested in your ad.

You can also choose more precise options to search for your audience. Just enter a keyword, and Twitter will look for the recipients who have been interested in it recently. It is also possible to look for people interested in our ad from among the audience of a given account.

The last question is about the operating system used by the recipient. When you fill in these fields, an estimate of the reach your promoted item can achieve will be shown on the right. In this step you will also need to set a campaign budget and a date.


A properly formatted ad on Twitter can bring a significant return on investment. Other social media are more frequently associated with advertising. On Twitter, there are still very few ads. Therefore, there is a much greater chance that a user who is scrolling through their feed and only occasionally comes across a sponsored post will stop there. Advertising on Twitter can be an interesting tool to support marketing goals.

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