How to get work in HR without having several of experience? What to do if you have neither the experience nor the qualifications in the field? Is this career path right for you? What are the main duties of each beginning HR specialist? What skills should the individual have to succeed in the industry?

How to get work in HR? – table of contents:

  1. How to get work in HR?
  2. HR employee duties
  3. Documents
  4. Employee training
  5. Skills and abilities
  6. Summary

How to get work in HR?

Starting work in the human resources department one should remember that the field is broad and is connected to many other fields of knowledge. The human resources field can be divided into domains such as soft human resources and hard human resources.

Soft human resources focus on a task such as recruitment, onboarding of new employees, company’s image – so-called employer branding. Hard human resources concentrate on administrative duties and deal with salaries, holidays, and work schedules. Each of the domains is related to different duties and tasks and requires different types of skills.

HR employee duties

Recruitment is one of the most popular duties in the Human Resources department. Recruitment staff is responsible for the initial recruitment, they deal with all telephone conversations with prospective candidates (so-called phone screening). Each company has its system and expectations to follow during phone conversations, but still, some universal rules apply and can be used by any recruiter.

Tips for the recruiting staff concentrate on the issues such as: being ready and well-prepared, having the set of questions ready, be focused on the candidate. The recruiter should check the CV of the candidate ahead, prepare the set of questions and keep a notebook ready.

To find out the best-suited candidate the recruiter has to be well-prepared, but should be able to listen carefully. The place for the conversation should be quiet and isolated from background noises. The provision of good conditions for the conversation is crucial.


The human resources departments deal with recruitment, but what is equally important they deal with documents and data. Human resources employees have to prepare reports, keep documents, and prepare the billings.

To provide a well-organized flow of the documents, companies frequently decide to use special HR and payroll software. It is usually clearly stated in the job description, what type of software is used by the given company and what type of skill is required to find employment in the HR department of this specified company.

To learn the payroll and HR systems the candidate can use free tutorials available online or get guidelines. Sometimes the basic functions of the software are sufficient at the beginning of the HR career. Nobody has to be a pro to find a junior job in the HR department.

Apart from the knowledge of the special software, the new HR employee should poses some knowledge about taxes and insurance. Some skill in making spreadsheets is required as well.

How to get work in HR

Employee training

In the HR department, you can deal with training sessions, employee benefits, and events. Those tasks are related to employer branding, which focuses on the building of a good image of the company among its employees.

As the beginning HR employee, one will be responsible only for smaller projects, but the experience gained in the department is valuable and can be used in the future. Preparation of presentations and cooperation with external contractors can be easily dealt with by the less experienced employee.

How to get work in HR without any experience? Is it possible to be employeed in HR department after graduation? As you see HR offers many possibilities and chances for a person that wishes to expand and develop skills and talents. What is most interesting for you: recruitment, administrative duties, or employer branding? One is sure – to be successful in HR you have to develop certain skills and abilities.

How to get work in HR

Skills and abilities

Social competence is one of the most important skills in HR since the work is focused on human contact. The main task is to build trust and a positive image of the company among the present and future employees. It means that people that are open, positive, and sociable will find HR work pleasant and will easily deal with all the duties.

Communicative skills are crucial for the roles in HR. To work with people one should speak, precisely, and say what is there to be said without creating unnecessary confusion. Communicativeness is the key skill for HR work. Verbal skills are equally important as the ability to write good content since many of the duties revolve around content creation (job adverts, documents).

Sales skills are very important as well. Human resources and sales have a lot in common. Recruiters should have great presentation skills – they should be able to sell themselves and their offers to attract the best prospective candidates for the job.

As was already mentioned, HR departments use a lot of computer software for many different processes – for recruitment, administration, and employee management. To be able to work as an HR specialist one should possess computer skills and the ability to learn fast.

Huge companies frequently cooperate with international corporations, hence the recruitment teams need to be multilingual to run foreign recruitment processes. The knowledge of foreign languages is usually an asset when applying for a job in the HR department.


Above, we have described the basic duties of HR specialists at the beginning of their careers.The first job is usually a challenge, but anybody can be ready and well-prepared for it. Many young people ask how to get work in HR without experience. But it is not difficult to find this type of empoyment. Individuals that would like to find employment in HR departments should try their luck and apply for their dream jobs since entry requirements are not high.

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