Copywriting has become and extremely popular profession in recent times. There are more and more advertisements both from the freelance copywriters and agencies in the press and the internet. Authors offer a great variety of styles and text types. How to find a quality copywriter, who will handle all your content needs. Read the article below and find out.

Tips to find the best copywriter – table of contents:

  1. Search in the right places
  2. Copywriting agencies
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Personal web-sites of copywriters
  5. Groups on Facebook
  6. Traits of highly effective copywriter
  7. What to do before hiring a copywriter?

Search in the right places

There are web-sites where copywriters add their advertisement. Portals for freelancers such as Fiverr and Upwork are such places, where without hassle we may find copywriters for our business.

Most of the offers come from the beginners – copywriters, who make their first steps in the profession, therefore we may consider to search elsewhere to find somebody more experienced.

Copywriting agencies

One of the possibilities is to start cooperating with the copywriting agency. Each company of such status has to ensure high quality of their services as well as provide comfort and transparency during the whole process of cooperation.

In case of well-established agencies we may have a certainty that our content was created by a professional copywriter. We may choose an agency which suit best our expectations and content needs. Good quality of service provided by agencies usually mean that our cost will be higher than those of hiring a freelancer.


To lower the cost of employment we may decide to search for copywriter single-handedly. LinkedIn portal may be a help in this task. Professionals from many industries place their advertisement there, copywriters as well. Each individual’s profile act as on-line curriculum vitae. We may easily verify the experience and skills of the person, we consider for hiring.

Through LinkedIn’s functions employer can: visit the profile of potential employee, read the employment history, or access the references from previous employers. Once the most suitable person is found there is the time to write a direct message with the offer of cooperation.

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Personal web-sites of copywriters

Experienced copywriters usually have their own web-sites where they advertise their services. On those web-sites we may check the portfolio of their work as well as read all the recommendations and references.

The easiest way to find out about copywriting professionals is to use general internet browser. This simple task tells much about copywriter’s content optimization and SEO skills. The potential copywriter should be highly knowledgeable about SEO tactics to ensure that the content is accessible to wider audience.

Groups on Facebook

On Facebook there are many groups directed at copywriters and creative professionals, hence it is quite popular place, where companies and individuals publish their job ads. There we can find a great number of copywriter specializing in different fields. It is worth to be cautious, while searching on the Facebook, because price range for all advertised there services is very large and the quality of written texts also varies.

On Facebook we may encounter both experienced specialists and complete laymen. Still there is a benefit of this situation – we may hire somebody for prices lower than those offered by copywriting agencies or those offered by copywriters with strong personal brand.

How to find a good copywriter

Traits of highly effective copywriter

How to find the best specialist in copywriting? Not every individual is able to write a good content. There are some characteristics of good copywriter to look for. Firstly, he must be inquisitive and like to ask many questions – good text must be based on strong foundation of extensive knowledge related to the client, company and product. Your copywriter should understand your core market. Copywriter asking lots of questions about our brand and our goals shall carry out all his tasks efficiently and professionally.

Second factor is the knowledge. The key element of content writing is the research. To produce good quality copy copywriter must possess a lot of knowledge related to the topic and be aware of all related issues.

The third characteristics of a good copywriter is connected to his area of specialization – he should be a specialist in the field he is writing about. Copywriting as a profession covers many subjects and types of texts. To get quality texts from your copywriter you must chose a person, who already is a specialist in the type of content, you need. It would be counterproductive to hire a creative writer specializing in beauty and style to produce highly technical texts about programming.

The next trait of a good copywriter is flexibility and adaptability. Every brand has own, unique tone of voice to communicate with it’s audience. The copywriter should remember about uniqueness of each brand’s messages and should be able to adjust own writing style to it. The brand voice tone should stay consistent and coherent.

And finally, a good copywriter should have a broad knowledge about modern copywriting. The mere writing skill may not be sufficient. Your copywriter should produce content, which is marketing-driven, with tone of voice well adjusted to the indented audience. He should know all important SEO tactics to ensure your texts appear in search results on high positions.

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What to do before hiring a copywriter?

Specify your goals and needs. Before hiring a copywriter reexamine your own expectations related to the content you wish to commission. Think twice about your text and it’s length, as well as your goals and your target audience. The more precisely you determine your expectations the easier you find the right person for the task.

Always check the portfolio and the references. By checking the portfolio of your possible copywriter you may find out if the content he creates matches your expectations. In case the writer doesn’t put any texts on public display on his web-site, you may decide to write privately with request for samples or portfolios.

References allow you to see the if other companies were satisfied with the cooperation with your chosen copywriter. Were all his tasks made on time? Was the communication effective? Some questions should be asked before important decisions and hiring.

Finding a good copywriter, who will match all your needs and expectations is not easy. Be ready to spend some time on searching and be patient. Hiring a good copywriter should bring results with time, your audience will read valuable and engaging content.

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