What are website color schemes, also called website palettes? These are the various colors used by a website designer to create a particular website. Depending on the design, the chosen colors should be used repeatedly in any format depending on how the designer chooses to.

Color scheme for a website – table of contents:

Colors like we all know are divided into the primary colors and of course the secondary colors. That being established, the primary colors in web design are very dominant compared to the secondary colors. Primary colors are used as background colors, logo colors, menu colors, etc. The most important use of secondary colors is for accents.

1. Color theory

The basics knowledge in color theory starts from a proper comprehension of the groups or colors available. They are the primary, secondary, and tertiary. The colors in the primary group consist of red, blue, and yellow. They are primary colors because you have to use them to create the rest of the colors. That is they form the base. The colors in the secondary groups include green, orange, purple. They are colors received after mixing primary colors. While in the tertiary group of colors, there are the red-orange or yellow-green. They are received from mixing secondary and primary colors. Before you understand how to choose a color scheme, an understanding of the above is needed because it gives us the ideas of how colors are formed, their properties, and how they interact with one another.

2. Color combining

Colors are known to be related to each other with unique qualities and different implications The kind of color mixture chosen says a lot. It’s an indication of the type of message you are trying to send. Your kind of color combination carries a message. Using a scheme made from complementary colors like red, blue, and red sends a message of strength and urgency. Other complementary colors can portray a particular message, for instance the blue color communicates delicate, loyalty and peace. The knowledge of good color combination is essential. You could also combine colors that would produce a totally different vibe. This all depends on your sense of judgment.

3. Consistency

Consistency is one of the fundamental values in creating a color scheme for your website. Because brand personality is so crucial to a successful website and business, having a consistent color palette solidifies your brand identity, as your repeated use of color and styling will create associations between your brand and your audience.

4. Psychology of colors

Colors have psychology and if you want to come up with a good color scheme, you should have a good understanding of color psychology. In color psychology, it is believed that different colors trigger different psychological experiences that are usually specific to that particular color. Psychology of colors shares the notion that having a particular color scheme on your website says a lot about the state of your emotional experience and this may impact how people view your brand. This is because the color scheme on a website sends an emotional signal and can trigger some emotional reactions.

That’s why you should understand the psychology of each color and what it represents. When trying to come up with a color scheme. This would enable you to choose the appropriate color combination for your website. Let’s say you want a website for your SPA. You should consider colors that communicate natural healing.

5. Make use of neutral colors

This is another tip that can help you come up with a good color scheme. The though of making use of neutral colors in designs might not be attractive enough, but neutral colors are essential components of having a good color scheme for your website. This is because people often need a break from normal colors, and neutral colors can help achieve that. Neutral colors should be considered in text and should be used on visual colors.

6. Visual hierarchy should be addressed

Visual hierarchy is all about the order of proper arrangement of color to show their importance.It’s another important thing that every web designer needs to pay attention to when determining the color scheme of a website.

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