How to become a copywriter? Do you know how to change your career and become a copywriter? In recent years jobs that can be done from any place in the world have become more and more popular. Many individuals want to work remotely and get a better work-life balance. The best and most accessible job, than can be done by digital nomads is the profession of a copywriter. Is there a way to become one without any special preparation? Could this job be treated as an additional source of income? Read the article to find out more.

How to become a copywriter? – table of contents:

  1. Who is a copywriter?
  2. How to become a copywriter?
  3. How to find a job as a copywriter?
  4. Knowledge about copywriting
  5. 6 features of a good copywriter
  6. Summary

Who is a copywriter?

The main task of a copywriter is the creation of a different type of content. Starting from the most simple such as descriptions of products for the internet store, sponsored articles, social media posts, blog articles, or expert texts. Copywriting is a broad field, hence experienced individuals define their main area of interest.

It is not possible to create good product descriptions and be a specialist in medical and technical texts. It is better to develop in one direction and become a specialist in the chosen field. It is the truth that to become a copywriter you don’t have to be a graduate of linguistics or journalism. You don’t have to finish any course. It doesn’t mean that anybody can start his journey with content creation.

No matter if your text is the description of the product or blog post, every text on the internet is created to sell – directly or indirectly. Some individuals want to present the advantages of their products, while others wish to gain conversion in the form of signing up for a newsletter or downloading the application.

The main task of a copywriter is the presentation of the given subject to the audience, transferring the knowledge, explaining the given subject, persuading them to purchase, presentation of the advantages of the given product or service.

A good copywriter has to be a good observer. To create text that will attract customers you have to be a psychologist and sociologist. To write good quality content the mere technique, that can be learned, is not enough – one has to be broad-minded and should have the vocabulary and the ability to translate visions into words.

How to become a copywriter?

There are two ways of becoming a copywriter. Most of the people, who have writing skills, and wish to try their hand at content creation usually start with easy texts, that don’t require high linguistic skill and expertise. What is required, is good research skills and the ability to format text correctly.

A such person gains skills and knowledge through practice. After several months this individual can change the direction, select a different type of assignment, and use his experience gained in the meantime.

The expert text requires a bit more from the copywriter – he needs to know the field. In this case, the mere selection of keywords or simple formatting is not enough. The copywriter needs to possess substantive knowledge. He needs to have basic knowledge of marketing campaigns, Google Ads, and search engine optimization.

How to find a job as a copywriter?

Your career can be led by two distinctive paths: you can either start to search for assignments independently or to establish cooperation with a marketing agency.

Starting the cooperation with the marketing agency allows you to concentrate on content creation only. You don’t have to publish advertisements, respond to offers, or send e-mails to clients. Here the whole marketing is done by the agency. Your only task is to create the content.

Additionally, cooperation with the agency gives you the possibility to use the expert knowledge possessed by your new cooperators. If you don’t have any experience, but you feel that copywriting is the thing you wish to do in the future, this solution can be ideal for you.

The work of a freelancer is a bit different and requires other skills. The individual is not employed and is responsible for running his own business. If you choose this scenario you have to create content as well as contact your clients and search for assignments. Currently, there are many internet websites, where you can find orders and offer your services. Those websites can make your job easier, but still, you will have to spend a lot of your time on service orders.

No matter which of two career paths you choose – freelance or steady employment – your first step is the creation of a portfolio. You have to collect text to show them to your future ordering parties. You can start by writing several articles or even decide to run a blog. Your place on the net is a great way to show your skill and enthusiasm – it is your digital business card. You should be visible and findable, create good quality text and you will have the audience.

Currently ordering parties care less and less about experienced, courses, or the number of finished projects. They appreciate the enthusiasm and eagerness of the candidate for work. This means that the cv has to be accompanied by a portfolio of texts that show the abilities of the candidate, not necessarily his photo.

Knowledge about copywriting

Where else you can get more knowledge about the copywriting process? Access to any knowledge is not a problem today, most of the simple and common information can be found on the internet. There are many podcasts, movies, e-books, or video movies on the internet, that offer useful advice, tips, and hints.

It is worth tracking the social media accounts of known creators, who already managed to achieve success. They frequently share their valuable insights with others and provide useful advice.

Additionally, many good books dealing with copywriting and SEO marketing are available on the market. Try to find some of them, but remember that it is just the first step to copywriting career. What is most important here is the practice.

How to become a copywriter?

6 features of a good copywriter

If you are still thinking about becoming a copywriter, try to check the list of features that every good copywriter should have. Those characteristics are necessary to be able to stay on the job. The competition is huge, so even if it is not difficult to become a copywriter, it can be hard to be successful and have a steady income. Check, if you have all, that is required.

Good writing skill

The ability to change thoughts into words is one of the first and most important prerequisites to becoming a copywriter. The talent you have needs to be honed and developed, do not underestimate the need for constant practice.


What clients expect is quality. You cannot provide quality without hard work, dedication and diligence. Weak-quality content does not bring the expected result. Such text can weaken the image of the company as the expert, hence the copywriter should handle all the assignments with diligence and fairness.

A curiosity about the world

Rich experiences, a great number of books read, or knowledge about the matters that are currently trendy help to create good quality content.


It is one of the most important characteristics of a good employee, not only a good copywriter. The writer has to be able to carry out research independently and make sound decisions related to his duties. During the cooperation with the client or the agency the subject and just several guidelines is all the author gets, all the rest depends on him – nobody will tell him, how to write his texts.

Ability to understand others

All the content is created for somebody. Every brand has its target audience. No matter if one writes a blog post or an advertisement, a copywriter should be able to understand his reader and his needs.


A copywriter should have the ability to think creatively. New ideas, new themes, new content – all this requires a certain amount of creative approach.


How to become a copywriter? More and more people dream about becoming an author. It can be a profitable job if only one is diligent, creative, and talented. Copywriting tasks can be done remotely, they don’t require any specific education or knowledge. Writing can be your way to success, don’t hesitate and try your hand and change your career path.

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