Recipients more and more often reach for video materials. Written forms become less popular. Traditional bloggers try to adapt to these changes and add video content to their posts. Where is this coming from? What value can you bring to your company by implementing video content on your website? Learn how to attract more customers to your business with video marketing.

How to attract more customers – table of contents:

  1. YouTube video marketing
  2. Effectiveness of video marketing
  3. Video marketing tools
  4. Equipment
  5. How to make YouTube videos
  6. TikTok and Instagram ads
  7. Video SEO
  8. Summary

YouTube video marketing

Simply speaking, video marketing is all about creating video content that relates to your business or personal brand. Obviously, it involves not only creating materials, but also the adoption of an appropriate strategy. The majority of created videos are shared on company websites, blogs or social media. As you can easily guess, the most popular platform for uploading video content is YouTube.

Let’s assume that someone wants to start a YouTube channel for their business. What actions should they take, what must they pay attention to? Check out our tips:

  • introduce your business and show what the company deals with,
  • make short and specific guide videos on topics closely related to the company profile,
  • host live webinars with experts to discuss current events and answer the questions submitted by Internet users,
  • create viral videos and sell your products through humor.
how to attract more customers to your business with video marketing

Effectiveness of video marketing

If you don’t know how to attract more customers to your business,video marketing can help you increase website traffic. Blog posts enriched with videos are more interesting and can grab the recipient’s attention, who at that point is not only a reader, but also a viewer. The written form is a completely different medium from the visual form.

Video marketing tools

In order to evaluate whether our marketing activities produce a measurable effect, we should use appropriate tools. For example, programs such as Google Analytics will allow you to analyse traffic and user behavior on your website. Surveys are a quick way to check if people started to recognize your brand. It is also worth reading comments, opinions and reviews to assess customer satisfaction.


Viewers are much more likely to reach for content that, apart from catchy slogans and good targeting, has a high production value and impeccable aesthetics. A crackling microphone, poor video resolution – these are the basic worries of beginner video content creators. Sooner or later you will have to do shopping. Look around and buy good equipment.

How to make YouTube videos

How to attract more customers to your business? You should learn how to make YouTube videos. Perhaps your company has an expert in a particular field. Their opinion on a given topic is certainly a valuable source of information. Maybe, a joint project will not only have a marketing, but also substantive value.

Nobody expects you to immediately become a professional filmmaker. However, the expert’s support is always a valuable lesson for everyone who tries their hand at video marketing.

TikTok and Instagram ads

Apart from YouTube, there are also other communication channels, such as TikTok and Instagram. Here, your content can take the form of short presentations, slideshows and funny videos.

Video SEO

When implementing videos on YouTube and other platforms, you need to keep in mind that proper SEO efforts are a priority. The optimal visibility of your content means a greater chance of increased traffic and interaction among viewers. Therefore, you should remember about inserting a video transcript and paying attention to the title and description of your video.


Nowadays, video marketing is one of the best ways to make your company stand out from other businesses with a similar profile. However, keep in mind that this marketing strategy requires a lot of money and commitment.

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