Starting a new venture always carries a certain risk of failure. Even the best-designed plan, in some cases, may not bring the expected results. So how to check if your business is developing properly? Learn the basic methods that allow entrepreneurs to keep track of their own progress. Read on.

Progress in your business – table of contents:

  1. Accomplishing goals
  2. Controlling results
  3. What about the Internet?
  4. Attention! You’re growing
  5. Customer is king
  6. Summary

Accomplishing goals

When a new company precisely defines individual goals and the time for achieving them, controlling progress is mainly limited to verifying whether the established standards have been met at specific stages of development. The introduction of such checkpoints facilitates the entire business monitoring process.

That’s why it’s a good idea to take a slightly broader perspective at the very beginning of starting your business and think about what you want to achieve and when. The more specific the goals set, the easier it will be to monitor whether we are moving in the right direction, fulfilling the main strategic objectives. So-called milestones become a valuable benchmark that gives you a chance to assess your progress at each stage of running your business.

However, it should be borne in mind that this method requires great vigilance, conscientious record-keeping and a realistic assessment of the situation. Any deviation from the previously created plan should be detected as soon as possible, reducing the negative consequences of any shortcomings. At the same time, the absence of inaccuracies is synonymous with correct, even exemplary business development, which confirms the rightness of the actions taken by entrepreneurs so far.


Controlling results

The initial stages of new businesses are mainly based on sales and product promotion alone. Before more complex development strategies can be put in place, the company must gain a circle of loyal and committed customers, which is most easily achieved through their direct contact with the offer.

By focusing on driving sales, it’s easy to monitor progress through performance. The increase in the number of products delivered to the market should be combined with the expansion of the brand’s reach, also equated with its growth. The method of comparing current results with statistics from previous years creates a clear picture of the current business situation, additionally indicating areas of the business that require various improvements.

When recent results are clearly higher than those of previous periods, we can speak of the company’s progress. Although one of the most common indicators used by various companies is sales alone, numerous brands also choose to analyze their operations a bit more broadly, resulting in a more accurate control of productivity.

Generated costs and profits, statistics on sales in specific regions taking into account individual sales channels, profitability indicators, customer base or data to estimate the popularity of the brand – all these aspects are valuable benchmarks for evaluating business progress.

What about the Internet?

Among the elements already mentioned that are closely related to the company’s performance, it is worth highlighting the role of the website and the brand’s activity in social media. The progressive virtualization of consumption has contributed to a significant increase in the importance of the Internet in the business world. Therefore, when evaluating the progress of individual companies, their virtual activities cannot be overlooked.

As new customers are attracted to the website, the customer base grows, expanding the reach that is so important for further growth. Thus, it can be concluded that increased traffic within your site shows an improvement in the overall business situation. A thorough examination of customer activity on your website gives us a chance to discover the main sources of these visits and the elements of the site that particularly draw the audience’s attention.

As a result, the company gains a valuable tool to identify specific elements, activities that bring the best results, confirming the effectiveness of the marketing strategy put in place. The cornerstone of controlling website traffic is proper analytics. Nowadays, there are various analytical tools available on the market, such as Google Analytics, which in a short time are able to provide the entrepreneur with information about the visited landing pages, the amount of time spent on them or the most frequent sources of traffic.

Attention! You’re growing

Almost every company starts with the commitment of the originator, who often, while struggling with the initial budget deficits, is able to do the necessary work of any kind on their own. The founder’s versatile skills make their business beginnings much easier, but as the company grows, the group of its customers and the overall scope of the brand’s core activities expands, it becomes necessary to hire more employees.

The gradual expansion of the initial team therefore indicates the development of the entire business. Success in acquiring customers and expanding the existing offer poses new challenges for the brand, which should be addressed by people properly trained to do so . Therefore, the process of recruiting and then hiring new employees, especially those with unique and specialized skills, indicates real progress in running a given business.

However, the signals that tell of a company’s significant growth cannot be limited only to those strictly related to the team working for results. When a brand begins to engage more in various investment activities, it means that it is generating such a great profit that, apart from fulfilling the current obligations connected with its core operations, it can also take care of its future and additional sources of revenue.

Another aspect that indicates progress in running your own business is the very form of delivering the products we offer to the market. Opening new sales channels, both online and traditional, signals a growing demand for your offer. More and more demanding customers expect companies to offer a diverse range of products, which they will easily be able to purchase conveniently, through suitably adapted channels.

A rich network of online and physical stores increases the satisfaction of the target audience, at the same time attracting new customers who, tempted by the hassle-free process of acquiring products, are less and less likely to resist the temptation to buy. In this way, the business progress achieved so far is not stopped at a certain stage, but continues to positively affect the performance of the entire company.

Customer is king

A properly developing company should successively attract new customers, not limiting itself to nurturing relationships with those it has already served for some time. There are many factors that attract a large number of buyers, such as an attractive price, a varied offer tailored to individual preferences, a customer-friendly website, favorable discounts and promotions or special offers for regular customers.

Nowadays, consumers have become the driving force of the business world, making them and their satisfaction with the provided services define the progress of the entire brand. Returning customers, positive reviews and numerous testimonials act as one of the most effective and authentic brand advertising. That’s why it’s so important to constantly strengthen relationships with buyers, refining the experiences that are important to them. Both free communication through diverse channels and great transparency of the company build stronger customer attachment to certain products. As a result, consumers also gain greater trust in the company, recommending it even more actively in the market.

A surge of customers who will also remain loyal to the brand in the future shows the correct development of the business. As you expand your own business, your customer base should grow attracting new buyers over and over again. Satisfied consumers can express their satisfaction both through positive comments posted on the website and through advice given to other users. The more people talk about the advantages of the products in question, the better for the brand.


There are a lot of elements that at first glance indicate the development of a business. Depending on the company, it becomes possible to distinguish slightly different main determinants that define its progress. Timely execution of predetermined goals, increased activity on the website and social media, expansion of the existing team, diversification of the investment portfolio or increasing the customer base – each of these indicators, together or separately, ensure the accuracy of strategic decisions made by entrepreneurs.

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The most important questions

  1. Why is it so important to monitor achieving individual goals?

    Milestones, which define the degree of achievement of previously set goals, become a valuable benchmark that gives you a chance to assess your progress at each stage of running your business.

  2. How can you easily get a reliable picture of the current situation of your business?

    Comparing current results with statistics from previous years illustrates the current business situation, additionally indicating areas that require various improvements.

  3. What does increased activity on the website mean?

    Increased traffic on your site indicates an improvement in the overall business situation.

  4. What should you keep in mind when growing your business?

    A properly developing company should successively attract new customers, not just nurture relationships with the ones it has been serving for some time.