We have already defined Freelance Management System and what are its key aspects in the previous article. Today we will focus on how Freelance Management Systems help at work?

Freelance Management Systems – table of contents:

  1. Increase productivity
  2. Budget management and cost reduction
  3. Consolidated payments
  4. Greater scope
  5. Streamlined implementation processes
  6. Improve the relationship between the company and freelancers
  7. Helping you find the right talent
How do Freelance Management Systems help at work?

Increase productivity

A proper Freelance Management System helps in increasing the productivity of not only the person managing but also the freelancers themselves. The more they become involved in the work, the more complicated it gets to manage them. To reduce the amount of work on the outsourcer’s side, FMS handles aspects such as contracting and budget control, as well as time management, among others. By using an independent management system, you can perform all the aforementioned from one place. This simplifies key aspects of freelancer management. At the same time, there is a great reduction in the number of human errors are while retaining the same productivity.

Budget management and cost reduction

With Freelance Management Systems, those responsible for freelancer recruitment can constantly control the available budget, thus giving information about its compliance with business priorities. FMS also helps to create budget justifications for contract renewal with freelancers based on their performance, team feedback and what they bring to the company.

With the ability to vet vendors by analyzing factors such as expenses, margins, rates, and work times, you can effectively select the right ones and gain the opportunity to save money.

Consolidated payments

The more freelancers you have, the greater the complexity of where they live and how to account for them. Checking each freelancer to see what country they live in and how to pay them is extremely time-consuming. Good Freelance Management Systems allows you to handle payments for all freelancers from one place. This feature can minimize any errors that occur with individual payments, and it also simplifies billing for the finance team on the company side.

Greater scope

Freelance Management System with the ability to view key information in one place such as team feedback, daily rates or costs, helps to build a more efficient team. All of this information gathered in one place gives you a broader view of the aspects of managing freelancers. All the necessary data such as contact details, team feedback, rates and much more, all kept in one place, help in daily work to efficiently match a particular person to a particular project.

Streamlined implementation processes

A well-implemented freelancer is the key to the success of a project. A specific onboarding process is essential to provide freelancers with everything they need to fully realize their work. A centralized database with information in the FMS helps the company to quickly deploy the necessary people while protecting the organization and ensuring the security of the data transferred. This way people are only privy to the aspects necessary to do the job properly.

Improve the relationship between the company and freelancers

Seamless processes for deploying people and paying them will take a long time to improve the relationship. That’s why automating these two (and other) processes will allow you to focus on getting the job done rather than watching out for these issues.

Helping you find the right talent

Manually sourcing talent for assignments can be complicated and exhausting. With FMS, you can build a recruiting network and connect with direct contacts from one place. This centralized pool of people from different sources, helps you make an informed decision in choosing the right freelancer and also allows you to track your expenses, thus solving the problem of an over-burdened recruiter.

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