Affiliate marketing on Facebook – do you know how to use social media to earn on the web? Affiliate marketing is seen as a clever way to earn on the net. With affiliate marketing, it is possible to gain recognizability without the necessity of hiring experts. The phenomenon of marketing is known widely and used broadly, but what about Facebook? Everybody knows this social networking site. What connects Facebook with contemporary advertisement? How to run marketing campaigns on Facebook? Read the article to find out more.

Affiliate marketing on Facebook – table of contents:

  1. Affiliate marketing on Facebook
  2. Might of Facebook
  3. Where to start?
  4. Links first
  5. Advertising on Facebook
  6. Facebook ads
  7. Affiliate marketing on Facebook – summary

Affiliate marketing on Facebook

Affiliate marketing is a process where there are retailers or advertisers (individuals that sell a product or service) and publishers (individuals that promote a product, brand, or service). Who can become a publisher? Among individuals that can become publishers often are:

    – personalities are known in the field, in the specific environment. Internet users visit websites of such personalities while they search for inspiration, advice, and motivation.
    – people, who can sell anything – champions of advertising. Those influencers run affiliate blogs, where they inform about the best deals and the newest trends.
    – any user that is well established online. It is easier to become the face of the brand when one has already the trust of the audience.

Might of Facebook

Facebook is a powerful social networking site. Affiliate marketers can use this tool in many ways. How to explain the potential of Facebook? The users of Facebook generate 4 million likes every minute. Almost 60% of internet users know Facebook and have a profile on the site – this is almost two-thirds of all internet users.

The biggest group of Facebook users is a group of males that are between 25 to 34 years of age. Almost 44% of Facebook users have admitted that social network has an impact on their shopping decisions. As many as 26% of Facebook users, who clicked on the advertisement, confessed that they have purchased a product that was advertised.Those numbers allow us to conclude that social media are an inseparable part of the world of sales and marketing.

Where to start?

Before investing in paid advertisement make sure that you understand the stages of brand image creation. To build recognizability of the brand start with the increasing numbers of friends (maximum limitation is 5000), then create the site on Facebook (this process is fast and costless), next gain followers, and create a group (remember that you can designate administrators and moderators). A stable audience that trusts you can become a basis to get going and start flowing!

Links first

If you know the basic rules of affiliate marketing you can start working. A unique URL address that moves the user to the advertiser’s website, that is an affiliate link is the first step to starting your marketing activity. The rules and regulations of Facebook allow inserting links in the content of posts, in the description of images, movies, and photographs, as well as in comments and Messenger communicator chats. The product can be advertised both on the private board and on group boards

Advertising on Facebook

If you are an advanced creator, you can try paid advertisement. To create ads use Facebook Ads Manager or Business Manager. While planning the campaign using Facebook Audience Insight – it is a place, where you can access information about your users. You need to know, who they are. What is their gender? Where are they from? The software can guide you through the process of campaign building. Remember to add affiliate links to the URL field to make the paid advert a part of your affiliate marketing campaign.

affiliate marketing on Facebook

Facebook ads

Remember the basic principles of affiliate marketing. You can start your activity on the portal when you already know the mechanisms of affiliation and you are a conscious user of this social network. Add attractive content to your site. Professional and interesting content should be accompanied by nice, pleasant images. Users have to see your presence on the site. The promotion of the links cannot be intrusive – keep your content balanced.

The images of products you wish to advertise should be attractive. Nice pictures are the best way to encourage internet users to buy. Show clearly all the elements of the product – clients need to see, what is there to gain. Affiliate marketing works best when used in subject groups, where individuals share their hobbies and knowledge. By joining the group you get access to your target audience.

Play by the rules and follow the regulations of your affiliate program. Check ahead, about what is allowed and make sure you can promote the product on Facebook. At the beginning of your activity as the publisher use free forms of promotion. Be active, take care of your timeline, and build your community on Facebook groups.

Try to build lasting relations with your followers and friends. Make comments, ask questions, communicate, and be engaged and active. Try to get the trust of other internet users. It was already proven that regular, short (not more than 80 signs) posts are more efficient – don’t write long posts, and don’t waffle. Be aware that texts with questions are more popular and such content is frequently reviewed, commented and read.

Affiliate marketing on Facebook – summary

If your target audience is present on Facebook, try to reach it using all functionalities of the portal. Many internet users spend their time browsing on Facebook and if you wish to earn some money on affiliate marketing social media are the best place to start your journey. Embrace the opportunity and use your time for your benefit. Affiliate programs are free to join and there is no high cost, to begin with. Effective affiliate marketing on Facebook can provide you with additional income and with time become a profitable online business.

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