Why should you get the PMP certification? Do you know why you need this type of certification? In the dynamically changing times, when the competition is intense, individuals employed in different branches search for ways to distinguish themselves from other candidates. If you currently work in project management, undoubtedly, one of the elements, that will help you grow your career quickly (accompanied by better earnings and more interesting work offers) and build a competitive position in the labor market is the PMP certificate. What benefits can you get by passing the certification and joining an elite group of project management specialists?

Why get the PMP certification? – table of contents:

  1. PMP certificate – prestigious proof of the skill
  2. Better work performance
  3. Value of an individual for the company
  4. Certificate – higher earnings
  5. Summary

PMP certificate – prestigious proof of the skill

Passing the certificate and getting PMP certification in project management will prove that you have the right experience, knowledge, and skill, to work as a leader, supervisor, and manager. It will be important both in the present workplace, as in case one wishes to change his employment, because your competitiveness as the employee, will increase.

This way having a PMP certificate will open up many doors for you – both in national companies, due to the global recognition of the document. You can appreciate the effort put into preparation and exam passing, when the company, you wish to work for, will ask for a PMP certificate.

Moreover, this document will become a great element that catches the eye in your CV, and you can be sure, that during the recruitment (even at the stage of initial browsing of received resumes) – as confirmation is required – you will be evaluated better.

Better work performance

The learning of the certification will allow you to acquire new skills (both hard and soft) that can be used in future practice. This should help you to achieve better results, both individually and with your team. The basic processes in management, new trends in the area of project management (the content of the training and exam is being frequently updated to match the situation on the market), useful tools and methodologies – all this you will get to improve your way of project management. If you want to grow, then you cannot avoid the area of certification during the planning of your further professional career. Do your best, study hard and get the PMP certification.

Value of an individual for the company

Your care for the development of the company, you work for? You can be sure, that thanks to the certificate you will become an added value to the present (or future) workplace. The acquired knowledge and skill will result in the fact that you will be able to manage projects better – manage a team in the right way, minimize the risk of mistakes, and diminish costs.

All this will be viewed positively by your employer. Do you wish to reach the results thanks to the good work organization? You can count on it – your company will be grateful. All you have to do is to get the PMP certification.

You can expect that in case of getting positive results from an exam the employer will put their confidence in you and will give you more ambitious projects that are connected with greater responsibility. The preparation for the exam should become a small task necessary to make the next, more serious steps during climbing the career ladder.

Certificate – higher earnings

The very last argument in favor of the certificate PMP is connected to the earrings, which are essential for most managers. Project Management Institute each year carries out the study: Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey, in which it analyzes the earnings (median gross salaries) among project management specialists at various levels.

The research shows that the salaries of people who possess the certificate (in different countries in the world) are higher on average by 23% than those of individuals, who do not have the certificate. This way – having the right education and experience confirmed by the certification, you can expect and even anticipate higher salaries.

get the pmp certification


If you want to increase your competitiveness in the global job market, receive new employment opportunities, negotiate a better salary or develop your skill in project management, don’t hesitate any longer and take the exam. It is not easy to get the PMP certification but it is worth it. Take into consideration that accordingly to the predictions made by the Project Management Institute by 2027 there will be almost 90 million people working on project management – and there are still not enough qualified specialists on the market. You have to seize the opportunity and become more attractive to your potential employees – pass an exam and get the PMP certificate.

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