Do you have a personal or company profile on LinkedIn and wonder if having a presence on this most popular business social media will help you attract potential customers for your business? The answer is yes, but you need to do it thoughtfully. Most people take the strategy of generating leads by sending messages geared immediately towards sales, which usually does not bring the expected results. How then to make it right? Below we’ll list 5 proven tactics you should bet on if you are committed to making LinkedIn a platform for obtaining new customers.

5 Top Strategies for Generating Leads on LinkedIn– table of contents:

  1. Create content that delivers value
  2. Establish contact with potential customers
  3. Build an expert image on other people’s profiles
  4. Leverage the power of LinkedIn Ads
  5. Purchase of Sales Navigator
  6. Lead generation strategy – summary

Create content that delivers value

The first mentioned strategy for generating leads on LinkedIn is closely related to branding (personal or company). In order for a customer to become interested in the product or service you offer, they need to be confident that you (your company) will be the best choice – and getting that opinion requires building an image among your audience as an expert in your industry or established field.

You can do this through high-value posts in a variety of forms – from textual to infographics or carousels, to live, newsletters or videos (some available only in Creator mode). If you regularly provide content and make yourself known, more and more people will follow you, which will consequently also translate into more interest in your offerings.

Establish contact with potential customers

The distinctive thing about LinkedIn is that you don’t have to wait for a potential client to find you, but you can find them yourself and invite them into your network! How can you make contact? Firstly, add to your network people you know privately, with whom you have spoken on the phone, exchanged emails, or who you have had the opportunity to meet at industry events. At the same time, using LinkedIn’s search engine or newsgroups, try to find people who belong to your target group and send them a personalized message.

Remember that if the first message you send is sales-oriented, you will not achieve the desired effect. After all, relationships and actual interest (including invitations to read your publications) are what sell on LinkedIn, not offer messages – this is something to keep in mind when building your lead generation strategy.

Build an expert image on other people’s profiles

Generating content is the best strategy for generating leads on LinkedIn, but it’s also worthwhile to engage under the posts of others who are speaking out on topics that are relevant to you. After all, expressing your own opinion in the comments is an equally effective way of reinforcing your image as an expert and a chance to get noticed by other people potentially interested in your offerings (who will ultimately start following your profile).

What’s more, you shouldn’t usually expect a lot of activity under your publications if you don’t interact regularly with other people (although of course there are exceptions in this regard, if the post you create relates, for example, to a current controversial situation). The more often you are visible, the greater the chance that someone new will want to join your network, engage under your posts and enhance your visibility.

Leverage the power of LinkedIn Ads

Also, remember that in step with Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, LinkedIn is also equipped with an advertising system with tools for organizing advertising campaigns according to a set goal (to choose from: brand awareness, interest, conversions) and adapting various formats (single graphic, carousel, video, etc.). Moreover, LinkedIn advanced capabilities in terms of targeting allow you to reach your target audience by taking into account your industry, current or past position, location and many other criteria. Hence, you can boost your visibility on this social media by betting on a paid lead generation strategy.

Purchase of Sales Navigator

An effective strategy for generating leads on LinkedIn concerns taking advantage of the Sales Navigator, a paid feature of the platform designed for entrepreneurs and salespeople. Among other things, Sales Navigator offers advanced search tools to pinpoint your target audience, manage your contacts more easily (thanks to such as labeling, filtering and tracking user activity) or monitor the results of your activities (which allows you to draw conclusions that change the way you act). This feature is especially useful for B2B companies that rely on effective social selling on LinkedIn.

Generating Leads

Lead generation strategy – summary

What is the key to success on the LinkedIn platform? Applying two key elements we mentioned: providing valuable content and making contact that leads to building relationships with potential customers. Of course, you can supplement these activities with the other lead generation strategies we’ve also suggested, but by far the effectiveness of those two is the highest – especially considering that only a few percent of LinkedIn users are active creators with hundreds or thousands of followers.

Join that group, make yourself known as an expert in your industry, educate your followers, and in the long run you’re sure to see an increase in new customers acquired this way.

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