Using artificial intelligence (AI) in human resources is primarily discussed in terms of conducting recruitment processes. However, this is not the only (though undoubtedly important) area where it can be applied. This modern technology can also be used for collecting and providing feedback to employees. Read on to find out more.

AI help you with employee feedback – table of contents:

  1. Why is feedback so important in the workplace?
  2. Using AI to gather feedback from your employees
  3. How to use AI to provide better employee feedback
  4. The benefits of using AI to collect and provide feedback
  5. Summary

Why is feedback so important in the workplace?

Surveys conducted among employees clearly indicate that they feel more motivated to work when they are appreciated and when they know that their opinion matters (especially when it is taken into account when shaping the company’s processes). You will ensure this when you decide to create a feedback culture in the workplace.

Constructive feedback aimed at achieving a positive outcome by providing employees with comments, advice and suggestions is the easiest way to show them they matter to you, which consequently contributes to their greater engagement and the company’s overall success. Of course, feedback works both ways, giving you a chance to gather the employee’s opinion of the company and identify areas where the organization could make changes to improve employee well-being.

Using AI to gather feedback from your employees

In what ways have you so far learned about employees’ feelings or gathered feedback from them? Probably by using traditional surveys where you put both closed and open-ended questions, hoping that the respondents would answer them honestly. Next, you summarized the survey results in the form of charts and graphs.

But the question is – did the feedback you received allow you to draw meaningful conclusions that helped you take sensible steps to improve the company’s situation? It is often pointed out that such surveys are extremely subjective and unreliable, as well as don’t let you track changes over time. AI allows you to eliminate this problem and go one step further in collecting and providing feedback.

employee feedback

How to use AI to provide better employee feedback

How do AI-driven employee feedback platforms work? Just like traditional surveys, such solutions let you get answers to the asked questions and to compare them with each other. Next, algorithms convert the received subjective data into objective data, which can be further analyzed.

It should be noted that collecting and giving feedback here can be done not only in writing, as in the case of traditional forms, but also through voice (synchronous and asynchronous feedback). Thanks to such a solution, each employee can respond to questions at any time and in the way that suits them best.

The benefits of using AI to collect and provide employee feedback

Why is it worth using AI-powered employee feedback platforms? Because receiving objective data helps to make appropriate changes in areas that need improvement – first of all, when it comes to taking better care of employee well-being, which, in the long run, will lead to positive results such as increased employee motivation and productivity.

On the other hand, in the case of feedback given to employees, artificial intelligence will notice negative behavioral patterns in the collected opinions, which can be later eliminated. In this way, you can provide guidance to the employee on how they can improve their performance, which will also translate into better results.


There is no doubt that collecting and giving feedback to employees brings positive results – provided that both processes are repeated regularly (e.g., once every six months, once a year) and carried out in the right way. A proper AI-powered employee feedback platform can help you in the procedure. Such a modern solution will help you put the received opinions in a broader context and make it easier to draw conclusions that will let you take essential steps to improve the company’s situation.

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