Artificial intelligence has revolutionized many areas of personal and professional life but the human resource management sector deserves special attention. In today’s publication, we will answer whether advanced AI technology can recognize the metamorphosis of employees and whether artificial intelligence could detect changes in employee behavior. Take a look at our article to find out.

Can artificial intelligence detect changes in employee behavior? – table of contents:

  1. Attitude versus artificial intelligence
  2. Communication
  3. Pioneering inventions
  4. Artificial intelligence versus turnover
  5. AI, or behavior shaping
  6. Summary

Attitude versus artificial intelligence

The best evidence of AI’s tremendous functionality is its ability to note changes in an employee’s behavior. A perfect example is the issue of job burnout. The innovative nature of artificial intelligence allows it to quickly and automatically detect the initial symptoms and then implement specific preventative measures.

AI software provides a range of proven solutions that analyze and control desired employee activity. Importantly, the solutions deployed enable monitoring health condition, though the scope of its utility goes much beyond.


Systematic and regular dialogue is the basis for maintaining good relations with employees. It is extremely important in the case of the remote form of cooperation, yet that’s just an example.

Artificial intelligence agents may act as special assistants. Then, the software initiates meetings, conferences, surveys and even periodic sets of questions and specific tasks to perform. It is the feedback and how they respond that is a valuable resource.

AI examines the acquired data and consequently describes and depicts changes and behavioral patterns. This strategy effectively identifies any deviations or anomalies that affect the crew.

Can artificial intelligence detect changes in employee behavior?

Pioneering inventions

Artificial intelligence is based on collected data, yet the form of information generation itself varies. A simple way to gain knowledge is to reach out to the technology’s solutions.

The great advantage of AI is its versatility. All you need is an app and a smart band to access very attractive parameters. In addition to health and sports indicators, the smartwatch can monitor the level of gestures of a given employee. Such observations are the key to the physical and psychological aspects of the person under study, which creates a comprehensive picture of the character.

A productive way to analyze an individual’s behavior is to combine artificial intelligence and video recorders. The devices record the employee’s engagement, indicating points and areas that require additional attention. The recorder documents and then evaluates the recording, which presents a pattern of behavior for the employee.

However, this is not all. It is worth to mention an innovative way of controlling work – a heat map. The method tracks the movement and activity of a given employee in a specific sphere of the office or other workplace and this makes it possible to indicate a professional routine.

The colors represent the person’s attendance status relative to established work ranges. In this way, the employer is well aware of whether the candidate is attending to the assigned duties.

Artificial intelligence versus turnover

The above examples are a confirmation for effective supervision of changes in the mode of operation of personnel. However, can AI predict the planned resignation of an employee?

It turns out, yes! Such preventive measures show a huge impact on the budget of the entire organization. According to the KRONOS report, 87% of all HR executives cited employee shortages as a primary concern.

This is why the unusual kind of alarming software is so fundamental to the enterprise. We should note though that determining an employee’s undesirable initiatives is just a part of the whole procedure. This means that artificial intelligence considers the available data and then provides guidance and advice. The instructions are designed to encourage the employee to keep the position and continue working together.

An example of a corporation that applies advanced AI technology in the described context is IBM. Although the company does not disclose the software mechanism itself, the results made available are truly impressive.

IBM reports that the proprietary tool delivers a 95% effectiveness rate, and that’s still not all! The company has completely modified the human resources management sector, reducing global HR representatives by 1/3!

Can artificial intelligence detect changes in employee behavior?

The algorithm uses data to provide reliable and robust analysis. As the available information increases, the accuracy rate increases.

The key components of the scheme are:

  • salary amount,
  • performance evaluation,
  • age and length of service,
  • feedback on employee satisfaction,
  • labor market specifics.

AI, or behavior shaping

The most effective way to detect any changes in employee attitudes is to create them. Artificial intelligence offers many resources in this area of behavior as well.

Artificial Intelligence facilitates creation and adoption of proper corporate culture. A positive working environment is a great value, especially for Millennials. Generation Y is 22 times more cooperative with companies that take care of this area of the company structure.

Another benefit of artificial intelligence is the personalization of education. The software collects information about ambitions and career plans, personal predispositions, skills, work experience, and preferences, and then creates a special training package. This type of approach increases employee satisfaction and motivation, encouraging further efforts within the position.


Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool for any HR professional. AI allows you to detect changes in the behavior of individuals and introduce appropriate preventive actions. The software will also work well for creating desired attitudes and minimizing staff turnover.

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