The top employee benefits trends – do you know them? Do you know how to attract top talent employees to your company? The company car, laptop, mobile phone, no dress code on Fridays, fruits, and free coffee – such benefits are not attractive anymore. People, who search for work, especially those from the younger generations (Z-generation, Post-Millenials) search for more. Do you know how to attract them? Read the article to find out more.

The top employee benefits trends for 2023 – table of contents:

  1. The top employee benefits trends
  2. Flexibility of employment
  3. Work-life balance
  4. Employee training
  5. Health care of the employees
  6. Development support
  7. Summary

The top employee benefits trends

More and more people see sports cards, private insurance, and a package of medical services as the standard condition of employment. What benefits should you offer to your employees to attract talents to your company in the coming years? What are the most important trends in human resources you should pay attention to?

Flexibility of employment

Is the possibility to work from any place in the world and the ability to start at any time or at the selected time interval an attractive option for your employees? The flexibility of employment is a recent trend that is still actual and will influence the reality of employment in the years to come.

In many companies, flexibility was forced by the pandemic and has become a standard, when it was discovered that the home office can be equally effective as office work.

Employees value the possibility to stay at home, when this is needed, due to their private life, and treat this ability as a sign of trust and confidence of the boss and company. They appreciate the fact that their working hours are not rigid and set in stone, but they allow them to adjust their working time to their individual needs (so important for families with kids).

Another trend, called workation, deserves our attention as well. Some companies allow longer trips as long as the employee can work remotely. The employee can travel abroad or go somewhere locally, but the point is that there is no need to stay in one place to work efficiently.

Work-life balance

The right work-life balance is extremely important for many employees, that wish to develop professionally and keep a steady and happy private life. For this reason, among the trends in human resources we see elements that aim to help with the organization of the everyday schedule of the employee.

Some companies offer corporate catering (similar to this that was offered to the employees during the communist era) that allows to save time and provides the families with healthy meals.

Other companies provide kindergartens near the office, which allows one to visit the child during a break at work. Additionally, showers are being installed by some companies, which allows the employees to attend sports classes after work. All those conveniences are seen as benefits and some companies use them to attract employees.

Employers have to remember that they should offer benefits both for individuals that are parents and for individuals that are single and living alone. The company has to cater to various needs and cannot neglect anybody.

employee benefit trends

Health care of the employees

More and more people are concerned about their health both physical and mental. Growing social awareness made companies search for even better solutions, that go beyond medical and sports packages. Some of the companies (especially offices) have decided to offer free services to massage therapists or provide massage chairs in their buildings.

Some companies have separated places that allow taking up some forms of physical activity (volleyball court, fitness room, ping-pong table, corporate bicycles). Some companies organize yoga activities or offer meetings with dieticians or physiotherapists. As an expression of concern for the mental condition of the employees some companies offer consultations with the psychologist (online and stationary).

Development support

In many branches (especially in the IT industry) employees have to take care of their professional development. The times are changing dynamically and individuals with high potential, talented, and ambition, will search for a place, which offers broader perspectives to progress. Companies can encourage employees to acquire knowledge and develop new skills by providing many types of conveniences.

To support professional development companies offer: a training budget (for conferences, training, studies, courses, etc.), access to an e-learning platform, regular internal training sessions, free language lessons, and time for self-studying.

Those employee benefits enable the creation of a development and learning culture in the company, the culture that is searched for by talented and ambitious employees. Every HR specialist has to track the employee benefits trends to keep up with the changes. HR departments have to offer similar type of benefits to the prospective candidates that are already offered by other companies on the job market.

employee benefits trends


Employee benefits trends are not the most important issue in every company, that is taken under consideration by the prospective employee, but they speak for the company’s strength and competitiveness. Talented employees are more likely to pay attention to benefits and the expectations that are visible on the job market are changing dynamically. Which of the presented benefits should you introduce in your company to stand out from the competition and to have an asset, while fighting for the best job candidates?

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