E-commerce customer service has a great impact on online sales. At times, when the users are more and more convinced to shop online it is worth investing in the best possible customer service. This task seems to be easier for the stationary shops because the employees can enter the direct interaction and sense the mood of the client, which cannot be achieved in the same way in the case of online activity. Hence the reflection on e-commerce customer service seems to be necessary.

E-commerce customer service – table of contents:

  1. E-commerce customer service
  2. Customer service – what is included?
  3. Best customer service approach
  4. Importance of customer service
  5. Better customer service tips
  6. Summary

E-commerce customer service

Customer service is each interaction between the client and the seller. It concerns both the moment of sales and anything that comes before and after this process. The role of the owner/employee is to meet the expectations of the buyers by showing the right approach and expressing the skill to help the client when it is needed. In the case of e-commerce customer service, all the interaction and support can be shown only by the use of e-commerce platforms, and cannot be conveyed directly during live contact.

To predict customers’ needs the seller has to track the digital travel of the client, analyzing all the points, where the internet user gets in contact with the brand. Thanks to careful analysis we will be able to improve the consumer’s experience during the shopping process.

Customer service – what is included?

Customer service does not deal only with direct interaction with the client during sales. There are other types of encounters with the client such as a hotline, that should provide the buyers with all necessary information about the product.

Customer service includes technical help and after-sales service t complaints, returns, and issues with guarantees. The companies that offer their products in a subscription model using additionally many different types of notifications that remind them about payment deadlines (text messages, e-mail messages, telephone contact).

e-commerce customer service

Best customer service approach

First and foremost one should remember that every person has their preferences. It is best to allow him to choose. If the client needs to contact the company, should decide, if he wants to do it by phone, by email, by chat, or personally in the stationary shop. It is worth paying attention to the speed of response. The client may be discouraged to use the services of the company if his questions and problems are not solved immediately. It is important to understand the perspective of the buyer.

His point of view is unique, therefore the seller should listen to him and show initiative and commitment. When a client feels that he is treated individually he stays with a better impression of the brand. Demonstration of personal culture, empathy, and patience is required during customer service as well.

Importance of customer service

High-quality customer service may contribute to the faster development of the company. A happy client is more likely to come back to the given shop and probably can recommend its services to his friends. Good customer service improves the brand image of the company and can be one of many ways to surpass the competition and reach leadership in the market. Positive opinions and recommendations can increase sales as well.

Accordingly to the research made by Zendesk more than 81% of consumers have declared that a positive customer service experience increases the chance that they will shop again from the given company. Additionally, 95% of the consumers state that they become more loyal to the brand.

e-commerce customer service

Better customer service tips

When you know that customer service is important, still you can ask yourself a question, how can you approach this issue? Practical tips should improve your interaction with clients.

Organization and automatization – great customer service has to be consistent. If you have many employees you have to provide them with the information about all the answers they have to give. Your message has to be coherent, and the knowledge of your consultants up-to-date. Create a list of the most frequently asked question and make an FAQ, that you can include on your website. Additionally, you may use a chatbot, that will support your customer service team. Such a solution is very beneficial for your company, but it is equally useful for your clients that can count on help 24/7.

Introduce self-service – many clients are eager to solve their problems independently. They search for the answer in the tab with the most frequently asked question or use chatbots. Sometimes, even blog posts with information can be helpful.

Personalization – is the trend that is present in the e-commerce industry for a while. Clients like to be treated exceptionally and love to have an opportunity to choose. This is why some of them decide to solve the problem by telephone, some may use a chatbot, and others will contact the customer service team with the help of Messenger.

Short response time – client search for usability, comfort, and speed. Having learned by the usage of the browsers that the responses can come quickly, the clients expect similar quickness from online customer service systems. Long waiting for the answer from the customer service team can discourage the client from further shopping.


Sellers, who wish to gain success in the online store running should pay attention to the relationship with clients. E-commerce customer service is not only a temporary trend but a very important factor, that influences the behavior of the client. A satisfied customer can become a loyal client.

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