Cell phones and tablets have become not only an indispensable part of everyday routine but also a tool for realizing important changes. An example of such a revolution is starting or changing employment, and statistics emphasize unequivocally – 89% of jobseekers indicate a mobile device as crucial in the whole process. Moreover, almost half of those surveyed use advanced equipment for this purpose daily. In this context, the adaptation of the recruitment process is particularly significant.

Mobile-friendly recruitment – table of contents:

  1. What is mobile-friendly recruitment?
  2. Dream job – the highlights of mobile-friendly recruitment
  3. X, Y, Z
  4. Mobile means comfortable
  5. The power of Social Media
  6. 5 steps of mobile-firendly recruitment
  7. Summary

What is mobile-friendly recruitment?

Targeting mobile devices is the HR sector’s response to the needs and requirements of today’s labor market. This form of recruitment suits users of phones and other compact devices.

The ideal procedure means interest in a given application and the sending of an application, all thanks to the possibilities of an intelligent agent. The strategy is also a signal to the potential employee – the company offers development, innovation and modernity.

Dream job – the highlights of mobile-friendly recruitment

The first part of the title paragraph is no coincidence, as it references an interesting report from 2016. The Job Seeker National Study released the results of a report that reports that 52% of mobile device users seek job challenges while getting ready for bed! What’s more, the other locations are equally captivating and include restaurants, public transportation, and even the bathroom or gym.

The results of the protocol are the best proof that the procedure of searching for employment permeates every sphere of everyday existence. That is why mobile recruitment is no longer an auxiliary activity, but a necessary one for the selection of an optimal candidate.

X, Y, Z

To show the potential of recruitment, aimed at mobile consumers, it is necessary to pay attention to generation Y. Millennials, as the mentioned generation is called, dynamically use the possibilities of digital media and modern technology. What is the connection with the job market? Colossal.

It is estimated that by 2025, representatives of generation Y will completely dominate the job market, taking over 3/4 of current positions. In a situation where Line X relies on traditional solutions and values, and innovative tools are only a practical addition, Millennials spend 56 days a year using phones!

But that’s not all, as the incoming generation Z is already demonstrating above-average intuitive use of mobile devices. This outlook makes it imperative for employers to design a strategy that appeals to the incoming employee, which will pledge market advantage in this arena.

Mobile means comfortable

Indeed has published the results of a special survey that defines the most important advantages of mobile-friendly recruitment. It turns out that convenience is the key value for 55% of respondents.

Virtual recruiting should be distinguished by the features of popular applications. Readability of the preview, fitting to the size of the hardware, intuitive operation and quick submission of the application- all these aspects guarantee that the aspirant will not give up and will bring the whole process to the final stage.

The power of Social Media

Social media is a powerful ally for HR, especially when it comes to mobile terms. Data from 2016 confirms that 79% of people use social channels when searching for the ideal workplace, but also 84% of companies offer employment using the same source. A great example is LinkedIn, a platform dedicated to building relationships and contacts of a business nature.

5 steps of mobile-friendly recruitment

5 steps of mobile-friendly recruitment

An effective and attractive mobile recruitment scheme requires comprehensiveness and automation. For this, the culminating aspects need to be emphasized:

  • The application form is the basic part of the whole procedure. The interface must be friendly, understandable and simple, which guarantees to retain the attention of the potential candidate.
  • The next step involves skills assessment. Modern solutions enable the use of several unconventional tools, along with numerous enhancements. The programs allow you to complete interactive tasks, all under the monitoring of a special supervisory system.
  • Video interviewing also provides tremendous resources with prospects and benefits. An online meeting generates significant savings for both parties and eliminates the barriers of location constraints. The interview is also a chance to get to know the character and charisma of the interviewee, and asking the interviewee to record short performance tests the motivation and creativity of the aspirant.
  • The behavioral report is an original form of learning about preferences and behavior in the workplace. A special test helps to identify the factors that activate productivity, efficiency and self-actualization.
  • The final stage includes the selection of the best candidate.


The development of mobile devices determines many sectors of everyday functioning, including professional ones. Effective adaptation to the upcoming changes increases the company’s chances of undertaking valuable cooperation and building an optimal team.

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