Nurturing good relations with employees is one of the key elements of effective human resources management – and thus a very important task for the HR department. It is particularly relevant nowadays, when it is becoming more and more difficult to retain talented employees. Companies across industries are searching for ways to make their employees feel valued and cared for, and thus motivate them to work. It makes sense to do this right from the start, and employee welcome package can help you in this matter. In today’s article, we’ll explain the benefits of creating employee welcome packages and what to include in them. Read on to find out more.

What are employee welcome packages?

Welcome packages are gift sets that are usually given to new hires by their supervisors on their first day at the company. Basically, their purpose is to say hello to the new employee and to provide them with material that may be useful to them at work. In some companies, all employees receive the same kits, but there are entities that do vary them depending on the department, and thus build a sense of belonging to the team or position from the very beginning. Employee welcome packages are handed out to all employees, also those who work remotely.

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The benefits of creating welcome packages

Receiving the employee welcome package is one of the most important elements of the onboarding process. Its personalisation, attractive packaging, and timely delivery (especially in the case of remote workers) have a positive impact on the company’s image. Such small gestures show that the company cares about people and that it is an attractive place to work, which can contribute to increasing employee retention and reducing costs associated with employee turnover.

How to prepare a good welcome package?

To make the employee welcome pack do its job, you need to think carefully about what to include in it.Some companies insist on making each element of the package individual. To this end, they add, for example, the employee’s name on gadgets or personalize gifts (provide items related to the employee’s interests or hobbies). The most important thing, however, is that the received package serves its purpose – providing the employee with support (practical dimension), building a sense of belonging, and enhancing brand awareness. It is also worth ensuring that the items are attractively packaged. You can use eco-friendly boxes or bags with the company logo or any other method of packaging that draws attention.

What to include in an employee welcome package?

Although personalized employee packages undoubtedly work best, not all companies can afford them. That’s why they usually give each employee the same gadgets. Welcome packages include branded merchandise, which is also often used at trade fairs. The most popular items are writing accessories, for example, pens and notepads. However, you can also find:

  • cups – a great gift for everyday use in the office or at home,
  • sweatshirts or t-shirts – they create a sense of belonging to a team or company,
  • electronic gadgets – powerbanks, memory sticks, headphones, and speakers,
  • laptop briefcases – especially appreciated by remote employees,
  • cotton bags – an eco-friendly and sustainable gift,
  • puzzles – to entertain employees and keep them mentally sharp,
  • corporate brochures – information about the company, for example, its structure, benefits, and corporate culture.


Employee welcome packages are a great way to onboard new hires and pleasantly surprise them. Getting a welcome package will certainly create a better experience for them, and improve their overall impression of the onboarding process. As a result, they will integrate with their new team faster and enhance their motivation to prove themselves in a new job, which may also play a role in reducing employee turnover. For these reasons, it’s worth taking care of the aesthetics and quality of the provided materials, as well as tailoring them to the new employee’s needs.

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Author: Nicole Mankin

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