A landing page is a marketing tool that helps you achieve your goal. Although many people also call it the home page, these are two, completely different pages. They differ not only in appearance, but most importantly, in purpose. A home page is a comprehensive description of your company or product, where users can find all the necessary information, as well as get redirected to other sub-pages such as a blog.

A landing page, on the other hand, is a typical one-page site that focuses on one specific marketing or sales goal. The price of creating a landing page depends on the creation method you choose. You can create a landing page in several ways. The final effect will be almost the same, the options will certainly differ in price. Are you at the stage where you want to design your own landing page? Wondering what the price is for creating a landing page? If so, this article is for you.

Creating a landing page yourself

If you feel that website design is something you can enjoy, try it yourself. A landing page is a fairly simple site, and you don’t need specialized programming skills to create it, at least in most cases. Much depends on what tool you design in. Among the most popular is WordPress, in which creating a basic website is not heavily complicated.

Firstly, there are many website templates available on the Internet, and if you choose one that is strongly similar to your vision of the site, your work will be very little. All you need to do is change a few elements, add your own multimedia, descriptions, and you’re done! The whole creation process involves dragging individual elements and placing them in the desired place, so even beginners can easily handle it. All you need is willingness and time.

Does making the site yourself mean that you’ll get it completely free of charge? Only your work will be free, while you will have to include in your budget the cost of maintaining the site. In addition, if you opt for a paid theme, you will have to pay for that as well. It is impossible to say exactly how much it will cost to make a landing page yourself, but it is certainly the cheapest way among those discussed.

Applications for creating a landing page

Until recently, the ability to code was a prerequisite for creating websites on your own. Nowadays, anyone can do it with at least basic technical knowledge and the ability to navigate freely on the Internet. Dedicated applications for designing a landing page that guides the user step by step are helpful. Their resources include ready-made templates tailored to the industry or purpose of the landing page. Your task is reduced to changing individual headings or descriptions and filling in the necessary information. Interestingly, such pages are pre-designed by professionals, so they have great conversion rates.

The main advantages of this solution include a simple setup process, an often free trial version that is sufficient to test if this solution is for you and advanced parameters. The final cost of this solution depends on the sophistication of the landing page and the selected application. You will even create some options completely free!

And what to do when these elements are missing or you need a more advanced site design?

Freelance help

Creating a single website does not require working with an agency or hiring an IT specialist. If you know it’s a one-time action, you can enlist the help of a freelancer. Looking into local Facebook groups or searching popular classifieds sites, you are sure to find someone. Pay attention to this person’s portfolio and see if his or her style suits you, and discuss all the details of the project before you finally start working together.

In this case, the cost of buying hosting or maintaining the site and any paid add-ons are also on your side. On top of that, you need to add the freelancer’s fee, which, depending on the complexity of the project, can range from a few hundred to even a few thousand.

Remember, however, that this solution, in addition to its many advantages, also has its disadvantages. Freelancers work quite fast and complete tasks efficiently, but for them it is just one more project. When handing it over, they don’t care what happens to it next (or at least most contracts are structured this way). Most landing pages require temporary updates and administration. If you think that once uploaded the site will manage on its own, you are sadly mistaken. Working with a freelancer is a solution for people who can take care of the site and know how to make possible changes to it or how to optimize it.

The agency you entrust with the execution and care of the landing page

Entering into cooperation with an agency gives you many versatile opportunities. Firstly, you get access to a team of various experts who will not only help you design your landing page, but also take care of its marketing or optimization. Of course, it’s not that you have to use all the options at once, it’s an alternative that you can use if necessary. Certainly, this is the most comprehensive option that can ultimately bring you a lot of benefits.

However, it is important to remember that professionalism comes at a price. In addition to being the most comprehensive option, it is also the most expensive. For landing pages designed by an agency, you should expect costs of several thousand.

How to decide which option is the best solution for you?

Each of the methods presented above differs significantly from each other, and making a final decision on which method is worth choosing is not at all that simple. It is a very individual matter and depends on many factors, but we hope that this brief summary will help you a little in your choice.

First, consider what you really want, what your budget is and whether you have the time to implement the landing page. These are the key issues on which your choice depends.

  1. Creating a landing page yourself is a solution for people who:
    • Have a small budget to allocate to a landing page
    • Have basic technical knowledge and are proficient in various programs
    • Have time to complete the project and don’t care about getting the site up quickly
  2. Hiring a freelancer is a solution for people who:
    • Know that the landing page will be a one-off project
    • Can manage the site independently and make changes to it
  3. Employing an agency is a solution for people who:
    • Are looking for a comprehensive solution
    • Want to put the landing page under comprehensive care
    • Have a budget for implementation

Creating a landing page – the price you have to prepare for

Each of the methods for devising a landing page we outlined requires consideration in your campaign budget. There are no completely free landing pages, even if created on your own they require your work and maintenance on the server, and often this also involves the purchase of paid add-ons. So what is the price range for creating a landing page? It all depends on your expectations, the sophistication of the project and additional activities performed on the page such as a marketing campaign.

Many landing page creation apps allow you to test the tool for free for 14 days. During this time you can test your skills and see if this solution is for you. Only when you find that the final product meets your expectations you can purchase the full version. This way you won’t incur unnecessary costs and save money if you decide that you’d rather put the task in the hands of professionals after all.

Mobile landing page a must-have that you must remember

When creating your landing page, you must think of your target users. They are the audience of your content, and whether your form of communication is interesting to them will determine whether they will stay for longer. Aside from what elements should be on your landing page, one of the most important things is to make your landing page compatible with mobile devices. Reports for 2022 show that more than two-thirds of the world’s population uses a smartphone. This number is growing steadily year after year, and there is no indication that this trend will reverse in the future.

Most of the ready-made wizards or tools for creating a landing pages have the function of adapting the page to the mobile version and allow you to preview it. This gives you an image of users using cell phones. Although it requires a little more work, it’s really worth it. Small screens have their own requirements, and a standard landing page will simply display badly on them. The only reaction of users will then be to close it and look for another result.

creating a landing page

Does it even make sense creating a landing page?

It certainly does. A landing page is a powerful online tool that allows you to achieve your goal, but also to test different solutions and see how they translate into audience interest and engagement.

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