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Top tips to stay motivated at work

With the massive shifts in workplace environments over the past few years, many workers struggle to maintain their motivation. Many things can affect your work […]

How to communicate at work in order to be more effective and achieve goals faster?

Every single one of our days is filled with communication. We send thousands – if not millions, of verbal and non-verbal communication cues to those […]

7 useful tools to help you manage your business

Managing your own company is a complicated task followed by multiple challenges. Range of responsibilities, meetings, important deadlines, or costs related to handling your own […]

project milestones whiteboard

Project milestones

As a freelancer or person faced with project work, you may have to deal with work overload, so one of the challenges is keeping up […]

Grow with the GROW model

GROW model

GROW model is one of many methods that a manager or an individual can use to increase one’s efficiency and motivation. It’s a simple yet […]

recruitment efficiency

Recruitment efficiency

Recruitment efficiency – how to improve it? Recruitment efficiency is something each recruitment agency desire. Did you ever feel like you and your team are […]

Project budget management

Project budget management

Project budget management – how to do it properly? Project budget management means administering and overseeing the finances related to business projects. This is the […]

project management tools

Project management tools

Project management tools are becoming essential.  Regardless of the type, a project always requires a lot of work. Of course, if you want it to […]

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