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Clickbait in headlines – is it a good way to increase website traffic?

Clickbait in article titles is one way to attract a large number of readers. But is it worth using this method on a blog? This […]


Where is it better to advertise? Facebook and Instagram ad comparison

The advertising market is constantly undergoing dynamic changes. Today, to reach customers, it is necessary to be present in social media and use commercial solutions. […]

How to start selling on Amazon?

Amazon creates an opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter foreign markets with their products, with the possibility of using the already developed marketing values. How to […]

E-commerce SEO

E-commerce SEO is utterly important nowadays. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which objective is to optimize websites so that they appear as high as possible in […]

Facebook Shops for small business

Facebook Shops are the latest Facebook initiative that aims to enable small and medium-sized businesses to create online stores directly on platforms such as Instagram and […]

What is social selling?

What is social selling? Well, that’s a very good and justified question. Social network sites, although they earn a lot on advertising, have been trying […]

google ads in e-commerce

Google Analytics in e-commerce

Google Analytics is the absolute basis for all activities on the Internet. In fact, thanks to its versatility, this tool is widely used, whether it is […]

WooCommerce and WordPress

WooCommerce and its WordPress integration give incredible opportunities for e-commerce sellers. Why? Because entrepreneurs planning to start selling in the digital channel can choose from […]

omnichannel in e-commerce

Omnichannel in e-commerce

Omnichannel in e-commerce is not the future anymore. It’s a present. The share of e-commerce in the global economy is growing, and Amazon remains the […]

Effective email marketing

If today almost every internet user has at least one active email address, preparing an effective email marketing campaign shouldn’t be too much of a […]

online shopping

E-commerce platform. Which one should you choose?

Choosing the best e-commerce platform for small and medium-sized enterprises is not easy. Sellers should pay attention to the architecture and related customization possibilities, functionality, […]


Pinterest. How to use it in e-commerce?

Pinterest, which made its debut on the social media scene a decade ago, has never gained such a wide audience as Facebook or Instagram. Today, […]

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