How to choose the best HRIS software for your business? The concept of talent management has been undergoing constant changes over the past few years. Due to the rapid development of technology, organizations are forced to collect, process, and use a huge amount of information and data related to, for example, the internal and external environment, and employment. Therefore, companies are increasingly using information systems for human resource management, which help them attract, retain and develop talented employees. Read on.

How to choose the best HRIS for your business? – table of contents:

  1. HRIS functions
  2. Initial assessment
  3. HRIS implementation plan
  4. Summary

HRIS functions

HRIS software is a digital solution for managing and optimizing HR processes and meeting HR goals. The system automates office manual work, collects information about employees, and develops reports and analyses based on the collected data. Thanks to the program, it is possible to evaluate performance, update employee information and monitor working hours. HRIS software has got a set of various functions:

  • supports the recruitment process, tracks and verifies candidates, attracts new talents by publishing job adverts, selects CVs,
  • supports the adaptation process, familiarizes new employees with required organizational regulations,
  • gathers information about employees, registers changes when it comes to data protection,
  • registers working time and attendance, and through connection with the financial system, calculates salaries automatically,
  • gives employees access to their data, which they can change and modify at any time,
  • stores documentation on employee training and enables career path planning,
  • measures organizational efficiency, aligns organizational goals with team goals, and stores information about incentives.
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Initial assessment

Before you decide to purchase and implement the HRIS, it is advisable to analyze the most important factors and answer key questions about the required functionality of the program. First, the size of the organization and its technical, material, and non-financial resources should be considered.

The solution should cover the broadest possible scope of human resource management, namely recruitment, onboarding, learning and development, and the knowledge base. Another aspect to consider is the possibility of combining the HR module with the financial module, in order to reduce costs and measure labor efficiency.

HRIS implementation plan

In order to properly and successfully implement HRIS software, you first need to create a comprehensive plan. Think of the following:

  • a purpose of implementing the HRIS software,
  • a clear vision, i.e. what the system should look like, in order to set up the relevant functionalities,
  • a person who will supervise the implementation of the project, and who will ensure the solution is implemented correctly, efficiently and on time,
  • a realistic timeline, developing a schedule, setting a budget,
  • an effective communication system and organization of training,
  • testing your work, verifying the system and its compliance with the planned objectives, repairing problems

Organizations that implement the HRIS must consciously and rationally manage human capital, keeping in mind that the implementation must comply with the law and internal organizational regulations. What is more, the available tools and methods of personnel management should be not only effective, but also objective and transparent. Remember that people resist change, so the system must be implemented with respect for social values and organizational culture.

Best HRIS software – summary

Implementing a human resources management information system allows an organization to gain a competitive advantage and streamline HR processes. Modern solutions such as the HRIS software automate time-consuming HR processes and help HR staff focus on candidate management and employee professional development. When considering an investment in an HR solution, it’s worth determining which HRIS system will be most helpful in achieving your business goals.

You’ve just learned how to choose the best HRIS software for your business. Read also:What is an HRIS analyst?

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