After-sales service is as important as the one before the sale. If it’s cleverly planned, it can provide loyal customers eager to come back. What does it consist of? What actions can you implement in your store to make customers satisfied not only with the purchase but also with the accompanying service?

After-sales service – table of Contents:

  1. After-sales service – definition
  2. Does after-sales service pay off?
  3. After-sales customer service – benefits
  4. After-sales service – examples
  5. How else can you take care of your customer?
  6. Implementation of after-sales customer service generates profits for both parties?
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The increasing number of online stores is causing online business owners to make efforts to make their platforms stand out. One of such ways is after-sales customer service. This is one of the elements helpful in building consumer loyalty and strengthening positive relationships with them.

After-sales service – definition

After-sales customer service is expressed in the development of actions that will add value to the customer after the transaction. Often, the pursuit of achieving a high number of conversions causes one to forget about creating the most positive experience possible for those consumers who have completed the purchase.

It is the after-sales customer service that is, in a way, the best indicator reflecting the care of people who have taken advantage of the store’s offer. It is expressed in processes that will lead to an increase in satisfaction not only from the fact of buying particular goods, but also the entire environment that accompanies the customer immediately after purchase and while waiting for the order.

Does after-sales service pay off?

This is a question that many entrepreneurs and specialists taking care of an online store ask themselves regularly. Their classic objections before starting this activity are based on the statement that it is not worth paying attention to those people who have already converted, or to put it more figuratively – bought something in their shop. In reality, however, this is a false assumption. Growing competition forces the use of new tactics, which will allow keeping the customer for longer.

After-sales customer service – benefits

The battle for consumers’ attention is happening right in front of our eyes – we are both witnesses and creators of it, as long as we deal with marketing or e-commerce. However, keep in mind that conversions are not the only measure of our success. Equally important is gaining customer trust and loyalty.

Reliable service, pleasant atmosphere in contact with the seller, efficient shipping – these are no longer distinctive features, but an absolute must-have that modern customers demand. If you expect them to return to your e-shop, you have to offer something more which goes beyond these standards. After-sales service is one of the repertoires of available measures.

After-sales service – examples

We have already explained the importance of this practice, now it is time to present concrete actions.

One manifestation of after-sales service is the automation of email notifications.

Take care of efficient sending of order confirmation and thank you for the purchase. E-mails should be readable not only in desktop browsers but also in mobile versions. Customers also appreciate information about order completion and shipment of the package. The ability to track the shipment is also an added value.

How else can you take care of your customer?

Regularly returning customers are one of the pillars enabling you to grow your online business. Those users who have already made a purchase from your e-store are the best material to develop loyalty.

You can work this out by, for example, providing special discount codes in exchange for signing up for your newsletter or leaving positive feedback. It’s a win-win situation. Your task is only to create the opportunity to sign up – your recipients will decide about the rest.

You can use this database to inform about new products or sales. Contacts to people with whom you have previously worked out a business relationship are precious – properly motivated they will help you increase sales.

Implementation of after-sales customer service generates profits for both parties

While striving to maximize positive impressions after completing a transaction provides benefits to the customer, the advantages don’t end there. A satisfied consumer is more likely to shop there again, as well as express their opinion on a Google business card or social media.

The power of recommendations has a huge influence on the purchase process, therefore investing in the after-sales service is an expression of a far-sighted action that can also be treated as one of the prospective promotional elements of the company.

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