Affiliate marketing without a website – is it possible? Can you create an affiliate program without the very own, unique website? Affiliate marketing is very time consuming and requires your patience and engagement. The own website is the own place in the web, hence for many it is a starting point. There is many advantages of having an own website, but it is not obligatory to have one, especially when affiliate marketing can be done and be effective without it. Read the article and find out more about the affiliate marketing without a website.

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  1. Affiliate marketing without a website – is it possible?
  2. Share the link!
  3. Everything about e-mail marketing
  4. See how the camera likes you
  5. Affiliate marketing in the offline world
  6. You have ideas – affiliate marketing without a website
  7. Summary

Affiliate marketing without a website – is it possible?

For many the possession of the own website is a necessity, but for some see it is a bit old hat, because most of the traffic is generated by the social media. It’s said that the very own website helps to build relationships with the user of the page. Among the main advantages is the simplicity in finding owner’s contact details, as well as the ability to build up professional image of the company.

Those advantages are undeniable, but there is another side of the coin. Just take a look – most of the popular social media allow fast exchange of messages. There are multiple forms of such communication – the whole range of possibilities. Here only your biographical entry is your business card. Try to experiment with the content, utilize all the functionalities of the portal and be up to date – your internet profile may get huge popularity without any need of payment.

Share the link!

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn in the web. It’s coverage is impressive. The very own website gives many possibilities, but it is not necessary to thrive in the internet. We see affiliate links on a daily basis on almost every website including: YouTube channels, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, price comparison websites, thematic forums, and many more. Before using them check, where your would-be customer spend the most of his time. Think about the channels you like the most. Who knows, perhaps making reels and filming vlogs is your forte?

Everything about e-mail marketing

Surely, you are no stranger to the matter of e-mail marketing. Which of us hasn’t ever had a newsletter subscription? You don’t have to possess a website to take care for continual contact with your customers. Offer small advantages in exchange for basic personal data. Expand your e-mail marketing activity gradually, but promote yourself unobtrusively.

Efficient publisher knows about the needs of his clients. For example: the Child’s day is approaching, and your brand has interactive toys in the offer. Hurried parents don’t remember that the celebration is coming very soon. Remind them about the date and offer the resolution for the problem – gift for their child. Similarly, If you promote jewelry, don’t miss Valentine’s Day and Women’s Day.

affiliate marketing without a website

See how the camera likes you

Contrary to popular belief opening an YouTube channel is not as complicated as it seems. Who knows, perhaps running own vlog may become your new source of income? You don’t have to be a professional speaker, just the knowledge about the basic rules of presentation should help you to assess if camera likes you. Good personal profile arrangement, great quality, catchy title are obligatory. Use the options offered by YouTube: subscriptions, playlists are the chance to acquire regular customers. If your main activity is based on Instagram, think about spoken stories or organize live streaming.

Affiliate marketing in the offline world

Do you know that affiliate marketing doesn’t stop in virtual reality and you can be an editor of content in real world as well. As you know it is specified and determined, sometimes restricted space to use. If you edit your own newspaper or run your own shop, think about the resources that are already at your disposal. Create advertisement aimed at different groups of customers, find products that may interest them. If there is a need for vegan cosmetics of special type of food, find the producer and initiate cooperation.

Before initiating the cooperation find out what are the necessary steps, and what activities are prohibited. If you don’t plan starting an own website in the near future concentrate your effort on other forms of promotion. Before investing your time and money consult ideas with your cooperators – not all of your partners may wish to produce non-ecological leaflets, some may not approve of paid advertisements (like Facebook Ads for example). Additionally, remember to act in accordance with the law.

affiliate marketing without a website

You have ideas – affiliate marketing without a website

There are many forums on social media in the internet. Those are places where you can promote your links. There are only two requirements: all your partners must agree to such form of promotion, and your actions have to follow the rules of given community. Place your links with discretion, choose places appropriate for your offer.

What about an e-book writing? Could you make one? Writing of an e-book is serious and time-consuming endeavor. Think about such solution if you feel that writing is your forte and you can provide interesting content. Beware not to write you e-book just to promote links – it may simply be not worth the effort.


Not every effective marketer has his own website. Try affiliate marketing without a website. Perhaps your own website will be made in the future? There is a chance that you may never need it. Don’t assume that you cannot be successful without your own portal. Use all your capabilities, use your strengths and no matter what – be successful.

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