Facebook is gaining more and more share in the global digital advertising market. According to eMarketer data it is estimated that at the end of 2020, its advertising revenue is expected to be a staggering 11 billion dollars. No wonder that the internet giant is doing its best to encourage users and marketers to advertise on the website, along with the falling reach on fan pages. Also, from time to time, it publishes research reports and articles with advice about creating effective Facebook ads. The most important conclusions resulting from his recommendations can be found below.

To help advertisers create ads, the internet giant analyzed over 1,500 ads from 350 brands from 18 industries that appeared on the Facebook board in the last two years. The main aim of the research was to find out how specific elements of the ad affect the conversion.

Based on the study, there were established:

7 key elements of creating effective Facebook ads

  • focal point – the image has one obvious focal point
  • brand reference – how easy is it to identify the advertiser?
  • brand personality – does the resonance of the advertisement match with how the brand is perceived by the audience?
  • information – does the ad contain interesting information?
  • emotions – does advertising evoke emotions in recipients?
  • visibility – is advertising able to attract attention?
  • call to action

Depending on the different advertising goals (reading an article, signing up for a newsletter, signing up for an account etc), different elements were more or less important.

how to make good facebook ads

The ads that contained specific information about the product and clear guidelines on what to do (click and read an article, click and view the catalogue) or strongly refer to the brand recorded the greatest conversion in the first category. On the other hand, high sales were generated by those ads that contained many more elements at once: information, emotions, brand awareness and personality.

Facebook advises you to bet on diversity. Campaigns that contained informational ads and advertisements strongly related to the given brand achieved the best results.

Which factor is bad for the conversion?

The Internet giant saw one common feature for ads that failed to generate high conversion. They lack …the brand itself.

Each advertisement created must fit in with the brand image – even if it is temporary, created only for a moment. If a brand tries to build an image of joy and energy, let its ads be so too!

Ads that did not fit in with the brand image did less well, even with a logo or a clear call for action.

How to reach customers?

“ The best ads informed consumers about what they should know – who is the advertiser, what is he offering and how can this product be bought? And when they provided them with this knowledge, they pushed them to take the right action: join a mailing list, buy a product online, or simply remember a brand for the future ”concluded Neha Bhargava, advertising researcher for Facebook. Using Facebook and other social networks may increase traffic on your website. And increase in traffic means no less than an increase in sales. Learn how to do it.

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Author: Laura Green

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