If your main target audience is aged people (16-24), one of the main platforms you should use in your daily activities is TikTok. Thanks to its casual and creative approach to content creation, this social medium has become a true phenomenon in the pandemic era, attracting millions of active users every day.

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5 tips to Create TikTok ads

However, to make the most – as a company – of its potential, it is not enough just to generate your content and reach users organically. It is also worth taking advantage of the opportunities to implement a performance campaign on this platform. Here are five effective tips to help you create TikTok ads that stand out from the crowd, that engage and attract attention, but most importantly – convert.

  1. Match the method of communication to the receiving group
  2. Users are looking for authenticity, freedom and creativity on the described platform in the form of short, but usually very dynamic videos. To win the sympathy of those categorized as the youngest target group, therefore, you need to abandon traditional slogans and opt for a relaxed and friendly tone.

    Take advantage of popular memes, slang language or unique sound effects to gain engagement. At the same time, remember that your creation must not, however, be immediately recognized as TikTok ads, but stop the eyes only as interesting and funny content (which will make us not focus on the information that this content is sponsored).

  3. Tailor the content to the platform
  4. TikTok is a very different platform from Facebook or Instagram – content published on this social media must be dynamic, fast-paced and adapted to the short format of videos (which last between 15 and 60 seconds). For this reason, avoid overly complicated concepts and focus on one key message.

    Keep in mind that the platform offers many editing features that allow you to add varied visual effects that attract attention and give your creations a professional look. Visual appeal is of the utmost importance – so make sure you upload a high-quality video as well.

  5. Try out the possibilities of storytelling
  6. The youngest target group is particularly receptive to content that generates strong emotions – both positive and negative. Thus, telling compelling, audience-approaching stories can be the key to gaining audience engagement and increasing trust, and ultimately, taking the desire to act (i.e., convert).

    Moreover, creating engaging narratives extends the time spent using this social medium, which is also important in building engagement. For this reason, when looking to prepare compelling TikTok ads, consider how your products and services affect the lives of your audience and try to present these facts in the form of an exciting story.

  7. Take advantage of current trends and beliefs
  8. A characteristic feature of the described social medium is the fast-changing trends and challenges, which are worth using in the creations you create. After all, participating in them will make your TikTok ads more understandable by the community, which will increase the chance of them reaching a larger audience and ensuring conversions.

    To stay on top of the challenges, keep an eye on popular hashtags, and when you see a space to engage, make sure to get the creative done as soon as possible (while the trend is still there). But don’t do it at all costs – viewers will pick up on the lack of authenticity and conviction very quickly.

  9. Remember the CTA
  10. Even the most engaging TikTok ads don’t have the intended effect if they don’t contain a clear call-to-action – that is, the effect your creation is designed to achieve. So it’s mandatory to remember to point your audience in the direction of action with a CTA that is unambiguous, fully understandable and precise (it won’t confuse viewers).

    Such a message can take the form of, for example, “click here,” “buy now” (with a link to an online store), “watch us” or “join the challenge,” depending on what effect you care most about. It is also important to try to test different versions of the CTA to determine which one works best.

TikTok ads

TikTok ads – summary

To create engaging TikTok ads that convert, you need to be flexible, creative and adapt your approach to both the characteristics of the platform and the preferences of your youngest target audience.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can achieve success in building brand awareness, generating engagement and conversions on this dynamic social platform. Keep in mind, however, that the key to achieving the expected results – that is, ensuring the effectiveness of your TikTok ads – will be to regularly monitor the results and evaluate them, and then make changes to the implemented strategy (when creating further creations).

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Author: Zofia Lipska

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