It is said that a person is unable to focus for more than 45-55 minutes. Whether this is short or long is hard to say. Today we are looking at the issue of brain function in the context of work and explain what workplace psychology is.

Workplace Psychology – table of contents:

  1. Workplace psychology what is it?
  2. Work psychology – new or old concept?
  3. The whole working environment
  4. Occupational psychologist – employment
  5. Workplace psychology – always a good thing

Workplace psychology what is it?

Occupational psychology is a field of applied psychology whose areas are work organization and human resource management. The term “work and organizational psychology” is also often used.

Let’s establish one thing – work involves health risks. Both physical and mental. What are we exposed to?

  • spinal injuries,
  • joint pain,
  • chronic stress,
  • workaholism,
  • professional burnout.

These, of course, are just some of the issues that employees may face.

What does work psychology do? It helps us find the right balance between time at work and our leisure time and rest. It also focuses on stress management in critical situations. Work psychology is the constant pursuit of a healthy work-life balance.

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Work psychology – new or old concept?

The concept of work psychology has been around since World War I. Despite the passage of more than a century, still not everyone is aware of how it works in practice. It combines traditional psychology, sociology, and human resource management methods. Work psychology uses theory to deal with difficult tasks in practice.

The whole working environment

The term work psychology directly relates to anything related to a company and its employees at any level. One of its overarching goals is to observe and analyze individual employees – both as individuals and in cooperating groups.

Occupational psychologist – employment

Some companies choose to hire an occupational psychologist. Their job is mainly to make sure that the relationships between employees are healthy. The work that they do starts as early as during the initial job interviews. Then, they examine and evaluate the soft skills of the employees to be able to determine at this stage if they fit well for the workplace.

Workplace psychology – always a good thing

Analyzing the employee environment and drawing conclusions is always a good idea. By doing so, work at all levels and communication between employees will stand on a higher level, conflict situations will be avoided.

Moreover, a good attitude achieved through work psychology will make employees come to the workplace not only with the conviction that they have to do their job and earn money. It is also about attachment and proper relationships with other people.

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Author: Caroline Becker

As a Project Manager, Caroline is an expert in finding new methods to design the best workflows and optimize processes. Her organizational skills and ability to work under time pressure make her the best person to turn complicated projects into reality.