In this article, we decided to check what woocommerce pricing are. This platform runs in an open-source fashion. Such software gives you more flexibility in running your store. In theory, this solution is free. Still, you need to consider the additional fees required when running a store.

WooCommerce Pricing – table of contents:

  1. Domain and hosting
  2. SSL Certificate
  3. Store theme
  4. Payments
  5. Shipping
  6. External integrations
  7. Plugins

Domain and hosting

Your web domain and hosting are the two basic areas you need to purchase to open your online store. Domain prices range from around $10-100 while hosting is around $100 annually. These costs vary depending on the provider you choose and the package they offer. Hence, it is difficult to provide exact amounts, as they range from several dozen to several hundred $. The picture below shows available packages, offered by


SSL Certificate

Some packages of hosting providers offer a free SSL certificate. However, there are also some offers where you have to pay extra for this solution.

Store theme

Some available themes are free, but merchants who have a larger budget can opt for the paid version. A template purchased from the site along with support for 6-12 months may cost around $40-$80, while a custom implemented theme with paid modifications (and technical support for 12 months) can cost up to a few thousand dollars.


In order to provide fast and free payments to your customers, it is worth installing appropriate, additional paid plugins, e.g. PayU. Their price starts at about $40 for one. Each payment system has its own offer, which includes the rates of activation fee, payment commission and fees for each transaction.


Choosing a mail order method can encourage further customers to make a purchase. Again, the seller has to decide on a suitable plugin, which ranges in price from £200 for one. Examples of shipping methods are InPost, DPD, Van, DHL, UPS, etc.

External integrations

WooCommerce’s plugins allow integration with third-party platforms such as:

  • Feedback – $25/year

  • Google Merchant – $50/year

  • Accounting software, e.g. iFirma -$10 per month


Plugins help merchants on many levels: optimization, marketing, automation, customer contact, etc. Some of them are free, and some can cost from tens to a few hundred dollars.

So what are the woocommerce pricing? The final cost of opening and running an online store on WooCommerce depends on the vendor’s preferences, experience, skills and the type of plugins they choose. Those who are beginners may incur additional fees associated with hiring a specialist or spend more of their time on additional learning.

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