What new features has Figma introduced in recent days? They mainly focus on improving team collaboration – to make it run more smoothly and create better and better digital products. Productive remote work is something that our Firmbee team enjoys, so in the article we have collected the most interesting new features in Figma and FigJam. Read on to find out more.

What is new in Figma? – table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Effective collaboration
  3. Work organization
  4. Summary


Due to the many different ways a team can collaborate, it can be hard to keep up the pace and move forward with planned tasks – especially when working remotely. Figma is striving to streamline the work of teams around the world, believing that they need a single place to generate ideas, iterate and complete tasks. Recently, Figma has introduced some interesting features designed to make remote work easier, more efficient and more enjoyable for project teams. Below are the ones that particularly caught our attention.

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Effective collaboration

Music in FigJam

Boost your team’s creativity with new features that will make projects and teamwork more focused and engaging. One of the most exciting new features in FigJam is music, which allows the whole team to get on the same wavelength! This feature is available in the timer settings – fill the awkward silence by playing your favorite music while brainstorming. In timer mode, click “Pick a song” and choose from ready-made tracks. The same song is played for everyone in the file – but users can control the volume of the music or mute it completely on their own device.


Voting in FigJam

Hold a vote in FigJam to narrow down options and make decisions faster. Participants’ votes are secret during voting, and answers and final results are not revealed to everyone until after the session ends.This feature allows you to see which ideas have the most support, get authentic feedback and make sure every team member has been heard. Voting helps in making quick decisions. You can read more about this feature here:https://help.figma.com

Figma Chrome extension

The extension allows you to attach Figma and FigJam files to any event in your Google Calendar. This will let you organize and schedule your work.


Integration with Microsoft Teams

It allows you to work on Figma and FigJam files directly in Microsoft Teams. Collaborate in Figma design files, prototypes and FigJam files with the rest of the meeting participants. Another helpful tool to enhance your team’s remote work!


Work organization


Organize your projects in Figma with sections to help team members easily navigate through files. This feature will organize files using labeled sections to group related ideas and guide co-workers through files.

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Push notifications

This feature is available on iOS, Android and PC. With notifications, you won’t miss any important modification in Figma and FigJam files.

figma figma


Answer questions and review work in Figma and FigJam from anywhere via comments on your phone or tablet. The feature is available on iOS and Android.

figma figma

What’s new in Figma – summary

Despite concerns after Figma was acquired by Adobe in September 2022, its developers continue to positively surprise us. Figma regularly introduces new and interesting features to not only streamline remote work, but also to facilitate design, and speed up sharing and transferring files, so it is gaining popularity and continues to be a top tool for UX and UI designers around the world.

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