A rapid development of technology that we’ve observed over the past 20 years has significantly influenced the labor market, changing the way people work and their expectations from employers. It has also allowed HR professionals to take advantage of various IT systems helping them perform their daily duties – from conducting recruitment processes to managing leave policies, benefits or payroll. HRIS specialists (human resource information system specialists) are responsible for the proper flow of employee data in the HR technology systems. Read our article and find out more about the role.

What is an HRIS specialist? – table of contents:

  1. What is HRIS?
  2. What is an HRIS specialist?
  3. HRIS specialist job description
  4. Summary

What is HRIS?

Before we explain what the role of human resource information specialist involves, it’s necessary to clarify what HRIS is. The acronym stands for Human Resources Information System and refers to software that is more and more often used by several companies operating in various industries – especially those with a large number of employees and extensive HR departments.

Thanks to human resource information systems, all employee data obtained in various stages of their lifecycle in the company (e.g.,recruitment documents, information about leaves, absences, dismissals, payroll, employee documentation, and granted benefits etc.) is stored in one place.

HRIS software improves the operational efficiency of HR departments by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, which gives HR professionals a chance to focus on other important areas of HR management, for example, employee development. What is more, having constant access to all the relevant employee data and the ability to manage employees through the system greatly enhances the experience for both HR representatives and employees.

HRIS specialist

What is an HRIS specialist?

As HRIS systems are more and more frequently used in organizations, there has been a demand for people who can manage them comprehensively, that is human resource information specialists. People in this role are mainly responsible for preparing, implementing, and updating employee data. They also ensure that the data is entered correctly and is available to any authorized person at any time.

However, their duties don’t end there. HRIS specialists may also provide technical support and troubleshooting to users who encounter issues with the system, which usually involves collaborating with the IT department. Additionally, they are responsible for conducting training on the use of the HRIS system for new employees. HRIS specialists work closely with the HR department to increase their efficiency and operational effectiveness using technology. They update, modify, and improve the system according to reported needs.

HRIS specialist job description

Being an HRIS specialist requires a diverse set of both hard and soft skills because of the extensive and varied responsibilities. They must be highly skilled in using computer systems, especially when it comes to resolving troublesome issues. Additionally, they need to have a good understanding of personnel policy, covering all HR processes, to ensure that they enter information in the correct location and context. Attention to detail is crucial to avoid mistakes, and problem-solving abilities are essential to deal with any difficulties that may arise.


The role of an HRIS specialist is relatively new, but as technology continues to develop and become more prevalent in the workplace, their importance will undoubtedly increase. Introducing this position in your company will let you properly execute crucial HR processes, reduce errors, delays, and other potential issues. It can also ease the workload in the personnel department, allowing them to focus on more challenging tasks.

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