Coworking has been the latest buzzword, and despite the pandemic slightly reducing its popularity, it turns out that it still enjoys a lot of interest. Everything indicates that shared offices will return to favor and will be filled with people looking for professional workplaces at attractive prices. What is a coworking space? Who is this solution for? What are its costs? And what benefits does it allow?

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What is a coworking space and who is it for?

So, what is a coworking space? In short, coworking is renting a desk for work – usually in a place where the space is open and shared. And although this is a relatively new solution, it has already settled down the Vistula River, where we can choose between a really large number of premises that allow you to work in this system. Its popularity is based not only on lower costs (instead of renting a separate office, you rent only a single position) but also on convenience.

As part of a monthly fee, you can count on reception, correspondence service, and cleaning. Surely,, renting a coworking space does not have to mean only working in the so-called open space. Separate, lockable offices are also available – but you only pay for the space you take, and the rest of the expenses related to the maintenance of the facility are shared.

Who can use a coworking space?

Virtually everyone, but such facilities are of particular interest among freelancers, novice entrepreneurs, and people who, for various reasons, cannot or do not want to work from home.

Months spent in the so-called home offices have clearly shown that not everyone can feel comfortable and fully focused on their work under such conditions. Many of us need to physically change our environment to motivate ourselves properly, and for others, it is difficult to concentrate on people (spouse/partner or children), animals, or noisy neighbors. In addition, we simply need the company of others, even if they are not our associates, and we do not pay much attention to them.

How much does coworking cost?

Many factors contribute to the costs of renting a coworking space. The type of office we choose is important – open-space desks are billed differently, and private space is completely differentiated.

The size of the desk itself may also affect the final price, as well as the availability and possibility of using the equipment included in the equipment, e.g. a printer, internet connection.

An additional option that turns out to be indispensable for many entrepreneurs is the ability to use the conference room – but as we said, in coworking, you pay for what you use, so you will also have to pay extra for the conference room.

Other elements affecting the costs of using a coworking space:

  • the ability to register a company at a given address,
  • the prestige of the location and company from which we rent the space,
  • the amount of the deposit or its lack,
  • social amenities (coffee machine, canteen, rest area or even a bar),
  • round-the-clock access (especially useful e.g. for entrepreneurs cooperating with entities from other countries),
  • the scope of reception service,
  • the size and finishing standard of the coworking space.

Obviously, there may be even more factors affecting the price – however, it is worth bearing in mind that usually specific factors go along with its increase and it is not a coincidence. For example, the cheapest rental offers in Warsaw, Poland, can be found for even about 130 $ (500 PLN) net, while in the case of facilities of a higher standard and offering a more comprehensive service, it may often top 385$ (1,500 PLN) net.

Using coworking in practice – benefits and limitations

coworking in practice infographic

The most frequently mentioned advantages of coworking include the possibility of establishing new contacts, reducing the costs associated with renting an office, easier focus (compared to working at home), higher motivation, the ability to work in a position adapted to this (desk plus a comfortable office chair), address for company registration, easier separation of private and business life. For these reasons, more and more people choose coworking not only in Poland, but also around the world.

This solution, of course, also has its drawbacks – here we should mention, for example, the limited scope of privacy, costs higher than in the case of working at home, restrictions related to opening hours (not all of them operate 24 hours a day), problems with concentration resulting from presence and conversations third parties. Therefore, before you decide to sign a contract, it is worth using a trial day during which you can make sure that this is the solution for you.

Do you already know what is a coworking space? Have you got any questions? Share them in the comment section.

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