Nowadays, no one can deny that employees are an organization’s greatest asset, that leads to the organization’s expected work results and, consequently, success. However, for such results, it is necessary that employees feel good about their place of employment, are motivated to perform their duties and treat the company’s success as their own. It is for this reason that companies are now trying to take an increasingly conscious, attentive and prioritized approach to the area of employee well-being, for which the Chief Heart Officer (CHO) is responsible. Today, we’ll explain what exactly a person in such a position does.

Chief Heart Officer – table of contents:

  1. What is the origin of this position?
  2. What is his role in the team?
  3. What should a chief heart officer be like?
  4. Chief Heart Officer – a growing role in today’s organizations

Chief Heart Officer – what is the origin of this position?

It is a relatively recent position – and certainly less common than talent acquisition, hiring or diversity management in the workplace. The very origin of this position’s name may pique interest, as it is not as obvious as other HR roles we are familiar with. What is its explanation? It is the result of the thinking that a person in such a role should be in close contact with every beating heart in the organization.

In the words of Claude Silver, one of the most well-known Chief Heart Officers, each individual should be treated as a beating heart (making the organization “alive” and striving for success every day), not as an asset, commodity or labor force. By displaying this attitude, an organization can ensure job satisfaction, which will translate into greater motivation to perform duties that support the company’s achievement of its goals.

The activities carried out by the person in this position are therefore primarily aimed at strengthening the company’s productivity by improving the performance of each individual employee while reducing job turnover (which affects the company’s financial position). The Chief Heart Officer is also responsible for building the company’s external image based on looking after the well-being of employees.

Chief Heart Officer – what is his role in the team?

The role of the CHO in an organization is very specific, as it is very difficult to point to a catalog of tasks they perform. The person in this position focuses on taking care of the wellness of each employee – regardless of held position in the organization’s structure. A manager or team leader will perform their duties adequately as long as they feel good in the work environment – just like a rank-and-file employee.

How to do this? Certainly, the first place should be given to introducing an atmosphere of sincere communication and having open conversations about well-being, job satisfaction or daily pains. One can draw conclusions from ordinary conversations with employees, which will get passed on to others in the HR department and perhaps lead to action to change the current situation.

The Chief Heart Officer should support not only the well-being of employees but also their development. Individuals in the workplace often have doubts about how to direct their careers – whether they should choose to make changes, acquire new competencies or strengthen their soft skills to better perform their duties. CHO’s role in this regard is to assist employees with mentoring and coaching leading to greater self-awareness and even the emergence of an idea for their development.

Thus, we can say that a person in such a position works primarily on the organizational culture of the company, which cannot come in the form of a closed catalog of duties.

chief heart officer

What should a chief heart officer be like?

Day-to-day operations require the Chief Heart Officer to keep constant contact with people, making it mandatory for a person in this position to have high interpersonal skills – starting with ease of networking, the ability to inspire trust and actively listen and act, and an attitude focused on empathy and sincerity. It is also important to demonstrate respect to the other person and not judge them by the behavior exhibited or actions taken, but to try to discover and understand the reasons behind such an attitude. They should also be self-confident, as such a trait will help build a position of authority that can assist in both professional and personal areas.

Chief Heart Officer – a growing role in today’s organizations

Until a few decades ago, an employer didn’t have to “worry” about how an employee felt in the workplace – job opportunities were so limited that people even stayed with companies for very long periods, often despite negative feelings. Nowadays, such situations are becoming increasingly rare (and rarely in the youngest generations in the labor market) – employees simply demand the opportunity to perform their duties in a healthy workplace. Hiring a Chief Heart Officer is undoubtedly one way to reassure employees that their well-being is a priority for the company.

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Author: Nicole Mankin

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