Many of us dream of starting our own business and being our own boss. Some decide to turn their dreams into reality. This is how innovative ventures called startups are created. Nowadays, the basis for success in almost any field is to promote a company, product or service on the Internet.

Premium domains – table of contents:

  1. Promoting a startup – first steps
  2. What is a premium domain?
  3. Startup and a premium domain – is it worth it?
  4. Does a premium domain guarantee success?

Promoting a startup – first steps

There are many challenges when starting a company. The most important of them is to get the right target, or audience, for the offered product or services. Therefore, nowadays, it is indispensable for startups to have a website. However, before we create it, we need to have a domain, i.e. a website address that will describe the essence of our business in the best and simplest possible way.

Choosing a domain is not at all as obvious as it might seem. We can choose the address of our site from traditional domains. However, in this case, it may be difficult to stay unique and rank high in Google. If we want to promote the startup quickly, it is worthwhile to purchase the so-called premium domain.

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What is a premium domain?

It often happens that these domains have the so-called new generic extensions (gTDL), e.g. .news, .media,. today, etc., but this is not the rule. The classification of a domain into the premium category depends mainly on the uniqueness of the name and the decision of the registry.

Premium domains are often one-word and contain phrases that describe competitive industries. Many premium domain names are short one-, two- and three-letter words or characteristic abbreviations. However, just as often they are names, surnames, proper names or interesting neologisms.

We can find premium domains on the secondary market, where they are sold by their owners. Domains of this type are extremely catchy. Therefore, they are also quite expensive. Premium domain names often result from new trends and the growth of interest among people in a particular field or issue. Domain registrars capture this kind of behavior on the web, so they are able to select addresses that will gather a large audience and be more lucrative than others.

Startup and a premium domain – is it worth it?

As it is generally known, startup is a term that applies to companies or projects that have been on the market for a relatively short time. However, these are companies with potential that are marked by innovation, but also by greater investment risk than traditional ventures, and thus the possibility of greater profit if they are successful.

Startups require founders to contribute a lot of their money or to be able to raise funds from investors who believe in the idea. However, regardless of how the funding is obtained, the most important thing is to advertise the venture as well as possible.

Buying a premium domain can have a significant impact on the popularity of our business, but it is often a considerable investment. Premium addresses are not cheap, and buying the most catchy one for our domain can significantly hurt our wallet. However, it is one of the most important investments in a startup.

If we decide to invest in a domain, the traffic to our site will increase when compared to other sites. The site will rank high in search engines, and as a result, the content on the site will reach a larger audience, including both potential customers and further sponsors of our business.

Therefore, we must think about what we expect from our website. If the Internet is to be the basic channel for acquiring customers, we must try to make it attractive to the user. The domain will act as a showcase of both our company and our product. By choosing a premium domain, we can be sure that there will be a lot of interest in the phrase, but the most important thing for the recipient will still be the content of the site.

Deciding to purchase a premium domain, we can slightly accelerate the development of our project. Nevertheless, the most important thing will still be the product and meeting customer expectations. A high-end domain will guarantee a larger audience, which can undoubtedly help a startup flourish.

Using a premium domain will have a positive effect on SEO. Our site will certainly be at the top of Google search results. Considering the fact that premium domains are old domains with some history, they will not be read by bots as spammy, and their position in the search engine will be stable. As a result, there will be a lot of traffic with regular visitors.

Does a premium domain guarantee success?

Without a doubt, a startup needs publicity. Due to the innovative nature of the projects, and often a completely pioneering approach to the subject, it is essential to reach as large an audience as possible.

It cannot be said that investing in a premium domain will guarantee the success of the venture. It can be a useful tool that will facilitate the startup’s success, but there are many factors that can affect the prosperity of a particular venture.

A premium domain is certainly a big investment for a young business, but it can prove to be useful for the development of the venture. However, we cannot assume that if we buy an expensive domain with a high search engine ranking, the startup will be successful. The choice of a domain is the tip of the iceberg, and the components of business success are numerous.

However, if our budget allows it, this is a good step towards success. We need to focus, however, on the quality of the content we put on the site so as to properly exploit the uniqueness of our domain. The more valuable content we have on our site, the more interactions we will evoke. This process will increase the position of our domain in search engines, and thus increase the popularity of our company.

Online marketing is an integral part of almost every industry today. However, it is not a simple thing to properly promote our brand. Even if we decide to invest in a domain, it is worthwhile to outsource online marketing to specialists who will professionally guide the promotion of our business on the Internet, bringing us closer to achieving the desired success.

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