B2B applications are used to carry out the sales process between two companies. What should they be like? Find the answer to this question in the following article.

B2B applications – table of contents:

  1. What are B2B applications?
  2. How to build a good B2B application?
  3. Benefits of using B2B applications

What are B2B applications?

B2B applications are used to streamline business operations and make commercial transactions. The purpose of implementing B2B applications is to reduce customer service costs and increase sales profits.

Depending on the needs of a given enterprise, they can have a simple or more complex structure. A simple B2B app will let you share your company’s resources with other contractors. In the case of a more complicated app, it is possible to integrate it with information systems, as well as specific sensors showing the current inventory levels.

Commercial communication, i.e. the exchange of data and coordination of activities between trading partners, is generally done automatically. Information entered in one place is available in the whole system.

Each user must have their own account to use the B2B application. Users have access to personalized offers that have been prepared specifically for them on the basis of the accumulated data. At the same time, they do not see the other entities using a particular application.

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How to build a good B2B application?

A B2B application should be usable, and therefore easy, fast and intuitive to use. It will be used by various people, whether they are office workers, professional sales staff, or executives of a given company. User Experience is of great importance nowadays, so special attention should be paid to it.

Employees using one application sooner or later will get used to its errors, which will have influence on their commitment and effectiveness, and thus on the financial results achieved with a given application.

B2B software must be easy-to-use for both contractors and employees. Before you design a given app, it is worth asking clients about their needs and requirements so you could implement suitable solutions later. After all, it is your business partners’ satisfaction that you should care most about.

A good B2B application should be integrated with other company systems, for example, an accounting system. It is also invaluable to integrate it with the warehouse system, thanks to which it can show the current status of given products. Every module of such an application should be suited to the needs of a given industry.

B2B applications should have a modular structure. It will allow you to expand their functionality when necessary. They should also be flexible and scalable. This will let you adapt them to the needs of both small and large enterprises.The system must be powerful enough to process even hundreds of transactions a day.

Benefits of using B2B applications

What benefits should a properly implemented B2B application bring?

  • increased sales
  • acquiring new clients
  • improving customer billing
  • improving the customer service process
  • facilitating the ordering and order picking process

B2B software is helpful to the seller when it comes to managing permissions. Sellers can easily edit user profiles, grant or withdraw permissions, and add new accounts to the system. The data must be protected from being deleted by an unauthorized person.

A simple and clear application should present the customer with the necessary information about each product only. The contractors often do not care about extensive knowledge, but about specifics. If they have any doubts about a product, they will be able to send their question in the messenger while browsing the catalog, and their doubts will be immediately forwarded to the right account manager.

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