The development of technology and consumers’ increasing access to a variety of tools have made online marketing one of the most important forms of advertising today. An excess of offers makes it difficult for startups to stand out in a crowd of competitors. Thus, an interesting alternative for startups is video marketing, which, using the potential of short recordings, allows companies to increase the reach of their campaigns and build better interaction with customers. Read on to find out more.

Video marketing – table of contents:

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What is video marketing?

It is widely known that image content most attracts the customers’ attention. Interesting forms, flashy colors and perfect actors are all a daily reality in the marketing world. However, in times when the average customer is overwhelmed by the number of advertisements, unconventional solutions are becoming more and more effective.

video marketing

Video ads are a kind of mix of different forms of marketing efforts. The recordings used for this purpose combine content, images and even sounds. In this way, the brand conveys its message, appealing to the buyers’ senses. The message created with this tool facilitates communication with the customer, who becomes an active participant in the entire marketing process. Using comments or the option to leave a like under a given video, buyers can automatically respond to ads, share opinions and impressions.

As a result, through video marketing, startups can also improve their social media presence. The introduction of this type of advertising builds the image of a modern brand, keeping up with the needs of modern society, which continues to increase its expectations from the content and products provided to them.

However, it is important to remember that the published videos should be consistent with the startup’s overall marketing strategy and profile. Depending on the effects the company wants to achieve at a given time, videos can take various forms and influence both the emotions and purchasing decisions of potential customers.

The most popular forms of video marketing include instructional videos, tutorials and videos showing the functioning of a company ‘from the inside’. By introducing such tools, the distance between a brand and its customers is reduced.

The individual steps shown in instructional videos explaining how to use given products and exploit their full potential are an additional incentive that motivates, even initially uninterested consumers, to make a purchase. In many cases, traditional instruction manuals ultimately prove too complicated for customers. The alternative, therefore, are videos, which, instead of conveying only dry content, automatically show the most important steps needed to be performed at each stage.

At the same time, making videos showing daily operations of a particular company, in a way brings it closer to buyers, creating an emotional bond between them. They get a chance to learn more about the brand and its authentic activity. In this way, an entrepreneur is no longer a distant entity running their company somewhere at the other end of the supply chain, but a real person who shares bringing their innovative idea to life with the wider public. As a result, in the eyes of consumers, brand credibility is increased.

Video marketing and YouTube

As the popularity of video marketing grows, so do the various forms of released videos and the channels through which companies around the world can share them with their audiences. YouTube is undoubtedly one of the largest and most recognizable platforms of this kind.

Although it might seem that creating an effective and attention-grabbing advertising video is the most challenging part of video marketing, it is equally important to choose the right communication channel. Overwhelmed by traditional ads, buyers are more open to unconventional solutions that, apart from fulfilling purely advertising functions, will also be entertaining to them. So how can you take advantage of YouTube to promote your own startup?

YouTube is a universal platform, and any company, regardless of its marketing and strategic goals, can find a solution there that will help communicate with buyers. A key advantage of this platform is its enormous reach. Connecting more than a billion users, YouTube helps to get to new customers in an instant.

What is more, the multitude of options offered by YouTube, apart from letting you promote individual products or brands, also facilitates the overall process of shaping a company’s image. YouTube marketing increases the visibility of even fledgling businesses, promoting their activities among new groups of customers. Thus, the portal assumes the role of an additional distribution channel for products and services.

In addition to its clearly entertaining functions, YouTube is now becoming one of the most widely used marketing tools. Thanks to its flexible structure, the advertising strategy can take many forms. By creating an account on YouTube, companies get a chance to publish their videos globally and buy ads that pop up while watching other videos.


However, a key factor responsible for the success of an advertising strategy is the publication of properly optimized content. Such materials effectively create a unified message that is consistent with a brand’s key objectives. Properly optimized content often goes viral, which helps promote a given business even without entrepreneurs being involved.

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