Video marketing for small business is an excellent strategy of internet marketing. The art of creating mobile content is not only the domain of Youtube but also of most social networks. But how do you produce movies on a budget or with no money at all?

Video marketing for small business – Pros

Head first

Before we shoot anything, we need to work on the conceptual part of the project. It is worth knowing if we are planning one or more films. If more, what dependencies (if any) will exist between them. It is also worth thinking strategically: why do we need the film, to whom it is intended and what we want to convey with it. Based on this information, we can prepare an outline of the scenario.

video marketing for small business

Reasonable quality of a film is enough to play it in marketing with a good idea. Even the best equipment and great editing will not save a production that is boring, uninteresting, or not adapted to the people who will watch it. You should worry more than the technical part, rather whether the video has something to say.

Mobile video rules

Do you know what the most popular movie on Beyonce’s channel was made? With her iPhone. Many of the productions that we can watch online are footage shot with phones that do not provide mega-quality. You can also use cameras or any other device. As long as the image is not too grainy and the hand does not shake like when sitting on a washing machine during a centrifuge – this quality should be enough.


What can you create videos about? Your imagination is limited. However, if you are missing a starting point, you can use the hint. Product videos, such as a demo showing the possibilities or use, are popular. Another video with a product or service is a tutorial, i.e. a filmed manual.

Do you have an expert or someone interesting to talk to? Conduct an interview. You can use Google Hangout or Skype. You can also present your company, employees or internal culture in the video. It’s an interesting way to make wishes, communicate important information or tell stories (storytelling).

Using live streaming tools (eg Livestream), we can show our conferences, lectures, or meetings on an ongoing basis, and then edit and publish such material. Video is also often used in e-learning. It is not only an image tool but also a sales tool. After all, more than one advertisement is a movie.

Non-standard ideas include the use of video in recruitment (candidates are recording), in-company communication (video in film newsletters), or even crisis management in social media (statements instead of statements).

Video marketing for small business on Youtube or Facebook

If you run a fanpage, it is worth considering whether creating a Youtube channel makes sense. On the one hand, you have a new channel through which you can get new audiences, on the other hand, YouTube links have a smaller reach and generate less engagement than native Facebook content. So it is worth considering whether there will be more or several films. In the second case, you can stay at the Marek portal itself. I know from experience that preparing a film does not take as much time as it might seem. It uses its production both as content for the website, communication channels, visualizations for presentations, but also as tools for self-presentation: event announcements, Livestream from free speeches, or a summary of my research. Their productions are also great fun!

Not all productions can be made in the comfort of your own office, but there are many companies and experts who can help you for a reasonable amount. The prices of the film range from several hundred zlotys to several thousand zlotys, depending on the length, work, etc. You can also invite a company to cooperate if you want to create a cartoon.

Video marketing will surely be gaining in importance in the coming years, it is worth getting ready now and joining this trend. The sooner, the better.

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